All of the songs from the Steven Universe movie have been taking turns being stuck in my head for the past six days.

Watched Steven Universe: The Movie and just blown away. After waiting so long the crewniverse put together something special. The soundtrack wont get out of my head. Thank you.

Oh boy... Insecurity through security products: Apparently, when you turned on SSL deep inspection (enterprise MITM) on a Fortigate IPS, the reencryption was using a broken configuration that allowed for various known 3rd party SSL MITM attacks further down the transport path.


I cant believe MAD magazine is shutting down. I was so upset when it sold out and had real ads in it and I guess it was borrowed time since then. Goodbye old friend. Time to embrace the motto I suppose.

really dislike when a website is redesigned to look "cleaner" and the redesign makes it infinitely harder to find the things you are looking for on the website

You can pre-order the Librem 5 smartphone (shipping starts in Q3) for $649.

Price goes up to $699 soon as we prepare for launch.

Ahead of Aladdin, watch The Thief and the Cobbler, the long-lost animated curio that helped shape Disney’s original Aladdin movie

Congrats and the team on a successful launch and deploy. What an Inspiration!

In the mid 1930s #hitler shut down publications that had exposed the dangerous sides of his agenda. Staff executed. Now the US does the same, merely >starting< with #wikileaks and #assange (espionage has death penalty).

Whoo! I passed my Microsoft Certificate 70-741 test by the skin of my teeth. 700 is the passing score and I got it. Now I need to lie down for a minute. Phew.

#system76 is now hiring for both a senior back end web developer, and full stack web developer / team manager. Experience with #elixir and the Phoenix web framework is required. Must be willing to relocate. See the career page for more details. #linux developers, represent!

#jobs #elixirlang #programming
#webdev #backend #fullstack

Currently obsessed with some One-Punch man. Love that writing and imagination.

I just backed Firmament by Cyan Worlds, Inc. from the makers of MYST, RIVEN and OBDUCTION on I liked your twitter essay on a chrismas carol. I don't see it here to reference, but wanted to say that. Happy New Year.

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