its criminal this boardgame satire channels gets so little love. My God, the dedication to the joke.

PeerTube 2.3 is out! Discover on the list of new features!

Have you seen the broadcast message system ? 🤩

Almost bought a breakfast sanwich maker appliance on sale on amazon but did a quick youtube check and saw a vid showing it compared to a pan. Pan won and is so much faster and better. Thank you youtube reviewer, I bought a new cast iron pan instead for the long haul.

🚀 @Astro_Doug & @AstroBehnken made history during our #LaunchAmerica mission that lifted off on May 30. Now that the duo is ready to depart the @Space_Station in @SpaceX's Dragon Endeavour spacecraft, here are 10 things to know about their return home:

Harvested the corn we planted this year. got 12 ears on 10 stalks. Tomatoes up next week.

It was a really important show to me and music is a big part of why I love something.

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The score soundtrack by is out up to volume 2. I'm so glad they chose to release this instead of me having to rip soundcloud bootlegs.

Trump and Regis 

Thing is, that's exactly the same elite that Trump has, for his entire life, been desperate to be a part of. Contrary to his complaints about "elites" now, it's clear that much of his self-promotion during his life was for one primary goal -- being accepted as one of those elites. Which is why he insisted on cameos in movies filmed on his properties. It's why he lied to get on the Fortune 500 list. It's why he sucked up to so many celebrities. And probably Epstein too.

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Listening to Days of Future Passed in QUAD after digging my Creative 5.1 PC speakers out of a box. Is DVD Audio/SACD surround pop music dead when rock died in 2010? Why do all the formats leave me?

Furries and Techbros, I present the greatest mashup video of all time: I Whip My Hair + Phobia

#np #NowPlaying #fediplay

"Connections (An Alternative View of Change)" by James Burke (1978)

One of the few justifications for the existence of television.

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A new "Other Side with Zabrecky"! This show delights me so, but has so few views. See them all.

Well, finally doing the takeover thing with demanding all business details of our clients using the service. It's really something to see a security company demand more private sales information of our customers.

The new song is awesome. Disturbing, but awesome. Someone needs to check those robots are doing okay. Walter Workers may be a little behind with the current situation.

The ProtonMail Bridge app is now open source! It has also passed an independent security audit. You can find the full details and links to the code and audit report here.

Kevin Smith doing a delivery only popup in los angeles, just too far away for me : (

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