I have reached the age when my heroes retire or overdose. And I can't afford to do either one

I am craving hot chocolate; autumn is coming

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We have officially entered the age of cinema synthesis. It's the natural knock-on effect of image synthesis. Everyone can make NLP films and discover how/what works for the next few years to come. This looks and feels like the invention of an interdimensional 8mm film stock.

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There are lots of Fediverse projects you can follow on here:

@bookwyrm - Fediverse alternative to Amazon's GoodReads (more info at joinbookwyrm.com)

@news - Friendica lets you follow people on Fedi, RSS, Twitter etc (more info at friendi.ca)

@funkwhale - Music/podcast storage and sharing (more info at funkwhale.audio)

@gotosocial - Lightweight safety-centric new Fediverse platform (more info at docs.gotosocial.org)

@dev - Single user microblogging server (more info at docs.microblog.pub)

@mobilizon - Event organising platform, Fedi alternative to Facebook Events (more info at joinmobilizon.org)

@peertube - Video sharing network, Fedi alternative to YouTube (more info at joinpeertube.org)

@pixelfed - Photo sharing network, Fedi alternative to Instagram (more info at pixelfed.org)

@writefreely - Minimalist blogging platform, Fedi alternative to Medium (more info at writefreely.org)

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Are you looking for accounts to follow on here?

There are three directories you should have a look at:

▸ Trunk - A community-run opt-in directory which people can add themselves to, with lots of categories and people listed. Link is communitywiki.org/trunk

▸ Fediverse.info - Keyword based opt-in directory, people can add themselves with hashtags in their profiles. Link is fediverse.info/explore/people

▸ FediFollows - Human-curated directory of recommended follows, you can see the latest entries at @FediFollows and there's a directory by category at mastodon.online/@FediFollows/1

#Fediverse #Mastodon #Follows

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It's dangerous out there.

Be dangerous back.

When I’m not on task, most of what I think and say is veritably insane

Heyy 👋 I am new to Mastadon, having a look around. I like tennis, tech, and whisky - with a penchant for philosophy, plants, and the delightfully absurd

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