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Alexsander Akers

Is it true that emoji don’t show up on other instances? This is so weird. 🤔

Cross post from 🐦 site; but I'm just so happy and want to reach a wider audience!! 🐘
Me and Meghan (@meghafon) are organizing a Berlin edition!!
Here's her tw**t:

Hey Friends 👋
Join us @esttorhe @garriguv + 🤓 for the inaugural
Peer Lab Berlin 30 April @SoundCloud
👇 sign up 🎉

Are there any Mastodon instances with a) expiring access tokens (line 26) or b) refresh tokens (line 42)? Would be great to test for Tootbot :)

Filed an issue on Mastodon ( but they'll probably tell me to ask the Doorkeeper people about it because it's their gem? We'll see.

Does Doorkeeper (the OAuth gem that Mastodon uses) have a way of force-showing the login page?


1 Logged in through browser as 'a2'.
2. Want to authorize 'b3'
3. Application presents login web view
4. Authorization code is generated for 'a2' (who is logged in)

Trying to work but @esteban's avatar looking around my screen is weirding me out.

Are there any Mastodon clients that support multiple accounts or do I have to make one myself?

I'm going to use this profile for more technology-related toots, whereas @a2 will be for more social conversations.