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Now that we are working on the encrypted calendar, we need a name for it. 😃 How would you call our upcoming calendar? Please vote! If you have an even better idea, let us know. 😍👇

How to remove or uninstall Games in GNU EMACS?

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I have Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor, and I want the instruction set sheet for that processor. Where can I download those instruction set sheet?

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What's happening?

I am using for about 2 days, and it is great.

What are the best books to learn x86 and x86_64 assembly language?

Knock! Knock!!

Who's there?

Tweet, tweet.

WTF!!! This is Mastodon server.

I have :safari: :chrome: and even :internetexplorer: emojis, but no Mozilla Firefox. :sad_but_cool: :sad_but_cool: :sad_but_cool:

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