oy @strider turns out using the same stuff you say is good and then not removing essential packages to its operation actually has given me the best linux experience i've ever had and is fully working, who knew?!

Now featuring @octet33 on my profile too because they're a good person and deserve it, lots of great toots very often, recommended following :trans_heart:

Cleaning up and re-editing/remixing a lot of my older content on all platforms, to bring it to a higher standard- today: my Counter-Strike: Source stream from a while back is being remastered, time to nap while the denoised/sharpened/audio remastered version renders, tomorrow I will actually re-edit the flow and structure of the video too.

While I am dealing with my issues and such, I may toot less, thus I recommend that you follow the 3 accounts I feature on my profile, as they are great and wonderful.




It's been a hard month.. few months- got myself a few PlayStation games to relax.
(of course, for the good playstations)

Wine's cmd.exe reimplementation says trans pride!

(when I have confirmation from a friend that this works on Windows 10 [or I can change it to work on both Wine in 'Windows 7 mode' and on Windows 10], then I will release this on GitLab for those few Windows users out there)

I made a small script to draw a flag :transgender_flag: to your when you open it on - feel free to use it, I'm very happy with the result of half an hour of messing around with "block characters", makes me smile to show my pride.

Script here: gitlab.com/ZoeyGlobe/transprid

Hey it's BadGamer and me, playing Minecraft Release 1.14.4 at our (weekly) LAN party, having fun with the new things.
Resource Pack is DokuCraft TSC High 1.14

With a headline like this, I'm honestly glad that Fortnite isn't on Linux and thus I will never be able to play it (not that I'd want to).

Linux and software is really cool, here's Irssi (an IRC client) running in Byobu (a text-mode window-manager) that I am accessing over SSH (connects two terminals together). In reality this IRC client is running on a VM in London.
Having connectivity 24/7 has never been so cool and nerdy.
(I am a mega nerd UwU)

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