Okay transphobes, those who harass me, and other people who have done all they can to make my life a misery when ALL I DO is to try to make others feel happy and loved- YOU WIN. I'm either taking a long break from being publicly on the internet, or I'm dying. I'm not entirely sure yet. It just seems I can't tell the truth, be kind, be myself, and share love, without being harassed and called horrific things and having all my friends bullied. My heart can't take it anymore.

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@ZoeyGlobe what a sad thing to read, people harassing and inflicting pain, and just for the fun of it nonetheless, when they find a suitable victim.
I hope you reported them to whatever platform they frequent and action will be taken against them, but do take a break yourself to regenerate a bit.
I hope you'll be able to keep dark thoughts at distance, even though they're insidious and hard to placate.

@ZoeyGlobe I hope you'll be okay. Unfortunately, social media has never been great for avoiding bullies.

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