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Okay transphobes, those who harass me, and other people who have done all they can to make my life a misery when ALL I DO is to try to make others feel happy and loved- YOU WIN. I'm either taking a long break from being publicly on the internet, or I'm dying. I'm not entirely sure yet. It just seems I can't tell the truth, be kind, be myself, and share love, without being harassed and called horrific things and having all my friends bullied. My heart can't take it anymore.

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(In regards to those who are looking at my profile/who follow me.)
If you are a horrible transphobe, aim to hurt others mentally or physically, don't support people who identify as what and who they are, insult and/or harass others, or are otherwise not a good person, please leave and do not return.

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similarly, "policeman" and "policewoman" are unnecessarily gendered -- just say "pig," or "willing tool of the fascist police state"

the terms "landlord" and "landlady" enforce the gender binary. to be more inclusive, you should use gender-neutral terms instead. like "leech," or "parasitic scum." or "human dartboard"

Beginning work on updating the DigitalOcean image of Mastodon from 2.9.3 to 3.0.1.

how to ensure I take no action: send me an email with the subject "WARNING: You need to take action."


unboosted, unfaved, unfollowed, reported, blocked, unblocked, screencapped & reblocked, blocked from the alt, muted, domain blocked from the instance

Wanted to see if I could make our knockoff Stranger Things credits using Fusion in Davinci Resolve.

While educational... let’s never do that again.

Thank you for noticing I frequently dismiss this notification, Android. Perhaps you'll also notice I frequently dismiss your messages about me dismissing notifications, and stop showing them.

The latest update from Internet Archive brings thousands of MS-DOS games from the '90s

@ZoeyGlobe It would be nice indeed! I played Moria a lot on the Amiga back in the days but I can imagine me picking up NetHack some day.

I can only imagine recording a YouTube video of me playing it like that *pants tighten*. Maybe one day.

It would feel great to play NetHack in a fullscreen terminal with some super-sharp font and nice colors at 4k on a nice monitor.

Yes, the first game I think of to play at 4k is a game originally made for pre-VGA resolutions in 1987, only me.

I feel like digging up a good ol' schoolyard argument:

Latest uBlock Origin Update Rejected from the Chrome Web Store. No time like the present to switch to Firefox.

For those who previously contacted me on Discord app: I finally did as I said I would and dropped it in favour of IRC, please read the following paste-

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