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Hello~ my name's Zoey. I like and - I know HTML, CSS & Bash.
You can find out more about me on my site, ❀️
Happy to be here~ feel free to follow me for lots of trans-y linux-y geeky things uwu

@ZoeyGlobe Interesting (I didn't know that). Quick wikipedia search tells that this is no longer true, though:

> GNOME was originally an acronym for GNU Network Object Model Environment, but the acronym was dropped because it no longer reflected the vision of the GNOME project.

so many people take being able to get pregnant for granted, or even as an annoyance..! some people who want to be aren't that lucky to be able to get pregnant.

Me, in a back alley, pulling a carpet sample halfway out of my backpack: pssst, hey, kids, wanna buy some rugs?

why is sonic adventure not on the ps2, like damn i would play that all day

this wolf man looks a bit edgy dude i don't like what it's doing to my childhood

the more i play sonic unleashed on my ps2, the more i think they just stole this character design from deviantart or something

hm should i put an emoji in my name
what's a motherly emoji

ranting about my bad luck Show more

I will now proceed to rate every cat emoji implementation as listed on emojipedia

@ZoeyGlobe ... by which time they'll deprecate it all because "no one wants to work on old stuff." That crappy reasoning happened after GNOME 2 finally got usable.

i wonder if any other futas are around on mastodon, would be good to have some similar people to talk with about things

Literally in a situation where I'm running Terminator, tmux and byobu at the same time- yet I still open a separate Terminal window when I need to do something else.. I will never learn..

:brain1: Get snippet of song stuck in your head and struggle to remember who sang it

:brain2: Google whatever lyrics you can remember

:brain3: Hum tune into Shazam

:brain4: Record your own version of the song and wait to see who sues you for copyright infringement

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