Wrote some programs for a fictional/virtual processor system, the TC-DCPU. I've made programs that can auto-find devices, read data from the clock device, and query the floppy disk's geometry. Going to work on trying to write to the disk tomorrow, see how that goes. If it works well, I'll probably work on a program to format a disk image to a custom filesystem I made.

I made a 4-bit CPU in Logisim, mostly to try and figure out how to make the sequencer portion of a CPU's control unit. Though I went with a microcode type of CU instead of 'random logic'. Still, a neat thing to play with. Might try for a full 16-bit CPU.

I decided to make an 8x8 glyph set for a planned text-only video card. It will display 30 rows of 40-column text, have the fixed 128-character glyph set pictured, with another 128 characters that can be set in software for programs that need it.

This is my semi-final draft for a 4x6 glyphset that would be placed in the fixed character ROM. Obviously with the non-printable ASCII control codes replaced with math and graphical glyphs.

Just realized I forgot to post an update on my pixel art.

Added a basic background and cabling.

Added some stuff to my pixel art, a vacuum fluorescent display, and I/O cards+ports.

I've been trying some artstuffs. This is a work in progress for how I'd like my Z80 computer to look like when complete.

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