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It seems like github is progressively trying to give you less and less information in a single screenfull of events on the home page

Probably the most important thing I've written about GNOME in the past few years. It's long, but take the time to read it all.

The Map of Mathematics: Animation Shows How All the Different Fields in Math Fit Together

If I understand this correctly, this is a paper about 3D printing physical objects, with no electronics, that send information over wifi.

ie, magic.

This is magic.

get the fuck out with your traditionalist family values, python

Round-up of all the development these past 2 months for Builder as we progress towards 3.28.

@hergertme sysprof is awesome, just used it to find a perf bottleneck in a game (which happens to have debuginfo).

Is it possible to display the .so which contains the given function though? Had to guess that part.

Also it seems to be incorrectly putting a function as being called from within another (long) function, even though it's just frequently called from other threads (unrelated to the long function).

Tomorrow's Nightly builds of Builder will make it just a single click to start contributing to a GNOME app.

The worst thing about vim is how not-vim everything else is

Bought a new monitor, and I have to spend about 5 minutes turning it on and off, plugging and unplugging it from my Mac, and closing and opening the laptop lid just to get it to work.

I love that we're off building AI to pilot spaceships or whatever, and yet basic shit like projectors and monitors and printers still don't work worth a damn

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@Efi well it's called "garbage collection" for a reason -- if it worked fine, it'd be called "great collection" or "good collection" or at least "reasonable collection".

@hergertme Welp, it eventually loaded, but after a couple of clicks on different things it segfaulted.

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