@hergertme I'm having trouble understanding sysprof output. I'm investigating low FPS in various applications when running full-screen on this monitor, in this case mpv. I profiled the "entire system" for some time while running mpv in full-screen and triggering the low FPS.

It's unclear what I should get from this. I'm assuming I want to build libavcodec.so with debug info to get anything more concrete than "In file libavcodec.so"? Why isn't mpv's call stack shown then, even though my mpv has debuginfo?

I think the earth around here could use some defragmentation.

After a huge filter effects region and filter primitive subregion computation refactor in librsvg, the image tests finally give the correct output!

I was playing around with and Quick Controls 2 for the first time today. Very fun and easy to make smooth interfaces which feel really nice.

One complaint I have is the wheel handling of Flickable (which is parent to GridView and other scrollable containers). It's terrible and you can barely scroll stuff properly with the mouse wheel. Weird considering many apps got smooth scrolling right for both wheel and touch (Microsoft Edge is my favorite). mastodon.technology/media/baPl

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