Video Trimmer is now in GTK 4!

Amazing work by gtk-rs binding maintainers and new GTK 4 features like GtkMediaStream allowed me to make the code much simpler and slightly more GTK-idiomatic. Crashes from GtkGlSink's threaded GL usage should be gone too as GtkMediaStream uses a better architecture (I think).

The update is up on Flathub:

@tbernard Yeah, absolutely! :) Hopefully that GTK issue is fixed and they are brought back.

@YaLTeR I mean, you can just do it manually in the mean time, I think that's what e.g. Solanum does.

IIRC that GTK issue only happened in some very specific situations.

@tbernard I figured I'd err on the safe side but if it's fine for my use-case I can add them in an update.

@YaLTeR @tbernard yes, it's fine here. It fails when you have scrolled windows with long content.

@Ivan Molodetskikh great, thanks for your hard work!
Do you intend to introduce key shortcuts? Especially for setting the start and end point of the selection to trim would be nice (as done in MPEG Streamclip with keys i and o)

@emanuel Thanks!

That sounds like a good idea. Need to make sure it interacts nicely with the text entry though, maybe Ctrl+something?

@Ivan Molodetskikh I think it's up to you how you want to prioritize the interaction modes. VideoTrimmer in its actual state emphasizes manual entry of the start and end points, because the interaction of the user is pointed to the input text box when opening the app. Which hot keys are available for escaping entering text into the text box? Ctrl and alt? Then one could imagine
Ctrl+i for setting the start point of selection to trim
Ctrl+o for setting the end point of selection to trim
Alt+i for jumping to the set start point (I think this is very helpful to check if the point is really well set)
Alt+o for jumping to the set end point
Ctrl+g for opening a popup text input field which asks to which time point you want to jump (because for that value, VideoTrimmer is not offering a text input field for manual entry yet)
Ctrl+t for trimming
Ctrl+z for undo trimming
Ctrl+[ play speed -10% (by using it again, play speed would be -20% and so on) (as done in SMPlayer)
Ctrl+] for play speed +10% (by using it again, playspeed would be +20% and so on)

MPEG Steamclip has an other approach, manual entry is not possible there. If you haven't used the software, I attach a screenshot of the whole interface for comparison. I like VideoTrimmers approach of providing manual entry.
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