I'm writing a bog-standard Unicode tokeniser to replace the crap one SQLite ships, and I'm wondering why I'm wasting my life writing C code again.

In the same vein of the old post I re-tooted, is there a Rust guru out there that can tell me if:

* Decent ICU bindings or equivalent Unicode normalisation, case folding and word-break analysis exists for Rust? (the latter being key)
* Decent SQLite FTS5 custom tokeniser bindings or equivalent exist for Rust?

#Rust #Oxidisation #ICU #SQLite


@mjog Haven't worked with these problems but perhaps the unicode crates will do for the first point? lib.rs/crates/unicode-segmenta

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@YaLTeR thanks for the pointer! I took a look and it might not handle word-segmentation for CJK/Thai/etc, which is mostly the point of using ICU.

I'll check it out though, probably a good project to get my feet wet.

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