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Currently, over 50% of the code in the repo is in Rust! 38% of C.


Thanks for working on this!

@alatiera Oh how many times have I closed my browser tab after hitting ctrl-w in an input field

Or just... "Do whatever you need to do in the background and tell me when you're ready to restart"

No 30 minutes of doing stuff after reboots please.
RT @ugmonk@twitter.com Hey Apple, I fixed it.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/ugmonk/status/1009

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of course "memory safety" doesn't solve everything but if we can remove most of the stupidly predictable flaws let's fucking do it

and if someone wanted to bolt a magical static analysis tool that removes half the bugs to a c compiler let's fucking do it too

it's just that rust is made for that to work nicely from the start

you know what would be cool?
if #firefox 's #bookmark folders were actual file system folders and not another reimplementation of them that is virtually inaccessible to systems outside the browser

tired: segmentation fault

wired: error[E0499]: cannot borrow `important_variable` as mutable more than once at a time

*knocks over recycle bin* :trash:
*plays with a deleted file* 📄 :blobcat:

TIL: ARMv8 has an instruction called FJCVTZS.

"Floating-point Javascript Convert to Signed fixed-point, rounding toward Zero."


In order for Linux to go mainstream, we need to get into schools.

I also think Linux is the perfect match for schools. Configurable, able to run cheap hardware no problem, has a web browser, wonderful to program on, etc.

|req| log_request(req).and_then(process_request).and_then(send_response)

|req| send_response.but_first(process_request).but_first(|| log_request(req))

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I /really/ need to add n-gate.com to my rss reader because it’s *so good*. This is the best description I’ve ever seen of the Microsoft acquisition of Github.

If you need a compiled compiler to compile compilers, how do you know that there's no spyware secretly propagating itself?

hex0 is "a hex assembler written in hex" -- basically several bytes of raw machine code "with a shitload of comments" which translates text to bytes

hex0 translates hex1
which translates M0
which assembles M1/hex2
which assembles M2-Planet
which assembles mes
🆕 which compiles tinycc
which compiles gcc
which compiles the OS!



Did you know? That pretty image that shows when your GNU/Linux-based system is turning on (probably Plymouth, which I'm talking about here) includes a full scripting language.

It's quite simplistic and doesn't have many libraries for understandable reasons, but it's there.

(Almost) everything that is wrong with the web browser, in one tweet. social.coop/media/5VrA0jz7syI5

So this happened when I tried opening an issue on mastodon today.

#Github #Microsoft

What the hell? I'm currently clicking into the exact same pixel in GIMP with a color picker and getting two different colors at different times?