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Ivan Molodetskikh @YaLTeR@mastodon.technology

me: *uses accented letter in project name*

software: "you can only use letters"

me: fuck off you north-american centric piece of shit á IS a letter

It’s the small things that make software / products delightful

Just uploaded the first version of a safe VapourSynth wrapper: crates.io/crates/vapoursynth ! This is my first decently big crate. Any feedback welcome!

@hergertme What do you think about possibly bringing up some Builder-related project as a GNOME GSoC idea?

why people [well me] don't report bugs Show more

☑️ Incremental compilation
☑️ rustfmt preview
☑️ removal of one form of UB

Please welcome Rust 1.24 into the world… twitter.com/i/web/status/96421 source: twitter.com/rustlang/status/96

One thing I got from trying to render multi-script text with LaTeX is an appreciation for how well browsers handle Unicode. There's a _lot_ of things you can get wrong (and LaTeX, by default, gets every single one of them wrong)

My ability to learn shell scripting, TeX, or Perl is seriously hampered by the way I go "how did anyone think this a good idea?" for half the concepts, and then dropping it.

See also emacs lisp, vimscript

When I learned C++ is was still young and gullible enough to assume all the complexity and programmer-hostility had good reasons. I'd have more trouble with that today.

TFW when the #rustlang compiler just refuses your code because lifetimes.

Then you have lunch.

Then you slowly realize that the compiler was right and your code was, in fact, unsound.

And you have no idea how the compiler could have known that BECAUSE IT DOESN'T KNOW THE WHOLE CODE FLOW because there's C in the middle... and yet it knows.

FOSDEM summary

NVIDIA: Nouveau developers discussing their limitations and struggles dealing with delayed drops of signed firmwares and features they are unable to support without Nvidia's help

AMD: actual AMD staff presenting their latest open source Vulkan driver, their committment to maintaining their drivers in the upstream kernel with day-one support for new products, and inviting the community to contribute

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oh look, it's almost like shipping an outdated version of Chrome as the basis for your app has some drawbacks
#electron #webdev

May I draw your attention to this hilarious example of fooling an image recognition algorithm with a small patch of carefully engineered noise?