going to become an anti-faxxer, it's 2021 please use email, nobody has a fax machine

What are some good examples of something unsafe, nicely wrapped in a safe yet full-featured API?

By unsafe, I don't just mean there are some raw pointers involved. I mean something that would actually be scary to use even from C.


Well, this happened. Wouldn't be a big enough thing to write a blog post about, but some apps will need updates.

Daaamn. It’s *August* 29th. Why is it so cold all of a sudden? 🥶
Oh, it must be because **String Freeze** just started!
If you’re not a native English speaker, now is the time to translate #GNOME into your language. Head over to l10n.gnome.org and join a team.

This Week in GNOME #7 "Software Upgrade" is online now!

➡️ thisweek.gnome.org/posts/2021/

If you want to learn more about the new GNOME Software, "Apps for GNOME", Shell (...and much more!) you should check out the blog post! 👆

Now works with inspector too. Also libhandy and libadwaita try to do their best to block CSS transitions; sadly it's not possible to do in a 100% reliable way without GTK-side changes.

With no app-side transitions, it should be possible to crossfade everything on compositor.

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I was bored.

Still need a libhandy version for GTK3, and need to discuss the whole approach and the portal key name.

But it works. The code in Builder shows how it looks like from an app's side, that's the whole thing other than meson/flatpak bits.

I decided to rework one little project I've worked on previously while I'm on vacation, as it's not a huge priority otherwise.

While it reuses parts of the old demo related to the transition, the grid is all new, sharing internals with AdwTabBar. As a result it has working DnD, even between overviews and tab bars. And no, its not GtkFlowBox nor GtkGridView.

Some "new" C++ features (see: modules, coroutines) are so over- and just badly designed compared to Rust I don't understand how anyone takes them seriously and can be excited about them.

This Week in @gnome 5 "Freeze Frenzy" is out! And we establish a new record of 18 news reported for a single week 🎉


I released Hebbot v2.0 (the @matrix bot which generates the thisweek.gnome.org blog posts)


It now knows how to deal with pictures / videos. Maybe other communities are interested in creating a "This Week in X" blog as well 👀?

The latest version of the thoughtful, capable, and ethical replacement for Windows and macOS is here. elementary OS 6 empowers you to be in control and express yourself, continues to innovate with new features, and is both easier to get and more inclusive. blog.elementary.io/elementary-

Today I played a bit with Builder + deviced after reading this:


Builder compiles your project for the target architecture (in my case a OnePlus 6 / aarch64) using qemu and installs it on your mobile device (without having to use a cable!).

A new issue of "This Week in GNOME" is now available! There has never been so much news as this week!

👉 #4 Building...


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