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Ivan Molodetskikh @YaLTeR@mastodon.technology

>Ever wonder why your phone needs 30 to 60 seconds to boot?


My calculator has a CPU which is literally 4,000 times worse than my phone's CPU and it boots to an interactive graphical user session on a fully preemptive multitasking Unix system before you can even take your finger off of the "ON" button

Google is killing Inbox. I was an early adopter. I'm really annoyed. Gotta get used to Gmail again. *UGH* (Don't @ me with suggestion of not using GMail please it's not useful)

The best part about being a programmer: computers do what you tell them

The worst part: they don't do what you want

if you open tmux, ssh into another machine, open tmux, ssh back into your original machine and reattach to the original tmux session, tmux gets really confused

If you deprecate support for a proprietary software product you should be legally required to make it open source

Mastodon 2.6 will introduce a new privacy setting, better suited for your most important toots.

we're all excited to go colonize Mars but has anyone considered the implications of updating all of our time code to handle non-24 hour days

God, iTunes sucks.
Me: Hey Apple, three movies I bought disappeared from my iTunes library.
Apple: Oh yes, those are not available anymore. Thank you for buying them. Here are two movie rentals on us!
Me: Wait... WHAT??

@tim_cook when did this become acceptable?

@hj I do definitely agree that having too many separate browser projects is kinda counterproductive. Even though I've been trying out all these weird and niche browsers it's not at all because I want to be using "another hacky python wrapper for 2 year old webkit" for my everyday browsing. It'd be great if we could have even one freedom respecting, not-super-bloated and usable browser. And for a long time firefox has filled that spot for me, but lately mozilla's decisions have been anything but beneficial for the project and it's users. Firefox has been one of my favorite pieces of software over the years and I'm definitely not disliking it because I want to. I don't want an alternative just for the sake of having one.

Ultimately though, I just want the www to burn and die, and modern web browsers along with it. It's as you said, the browsers are like little self-contained systems of their own, and the web is a chaotic garbage fire. Putting it out of it's misery would be the most humane thing to do, but it's not happening.
@sampo browsers nowadays are a tiny ENTIRE SYSTEM on their own, from a "CPU" being JS engine, GPU being Rendering engine, and OS being everything that ties shit together, allowing multitasking et cetera. You can compare loading website to loading a CD into a computer with autorun permanently on - unless your OS has something to prevent it - you open a website and it executes arbitrary code and browser tries its hardest to contain it (muffled L̶a̶r̶r̶y̶ Bob Page saying "why contain it?" :ohyes: in background). And also there's no way to "compile" software yourself, unless we make an environment for that, which is kinda tough to make in the chaotic nature of web (i mean, just look at libre-js or whatever its called).

Right now browsers feel like:
Firefox: Debian - clunky, not entirely good from freedom stance
Chrome: Windows - absolute dominator, tied to its mothership
Chromium: pirate verion of windows

Literally everything else (except for Edge and Safari) is those russian/brazillian pirated and repacked versions of Windows, loaded with god knows what. Or just ReactOS builds.

I mean, the main concerns are:
1) Freedom, and WebExts give some promise of freedom to modify content of page to your liking, integrating some webexts into the browser maybe good but i still have concerns.
2) Security. Will brave browser have same engine patches as newest chrome, will it NOT introduce brave-specific exploits?

As I always say - competition is good, but too much competition is bad. I'd really rather have 4 mainline browsers rather people saying "fuck chrome/mozilla" and going and making their own browser. I'm not the one to order people around, but that effort would be really useful when collected in one or several places.

RT @NathOnSecurity@twitter.com

So I was browsing the internet when I saw this

I wish "uses too much memory for what it does" was considered a bug by more programmers.

Someone found malware on their GNU/Linux machine

This is always a big deal when it happens, usually it's only a few times a year or so, but still scary. The last time it was a dude who ran firefox as root, so whatever. But this time there is no clear user error..
Please make sure your machines are secure!!!

FINALLY implementing the last steps to make librsvg use rust-cssparser instead of libcroco. Now that all the micro-parsers for individual CSS properties are done in rust-cssparser's terms, I'm starting to implement the cssparser traits that it wants me to have in order to assemble the One True CSS Parser for Everything.

The best new feature of macOS Mojave: not supporting my 2010 MacBook Pro so I have to switch it to Linux

Today I managed to set up the AFL fuzzer on librsvg. Found a bunch of crashes and a hang! Some of them in filters, too. Now need to fix them 😄

"The idea of Proton is to push developers to use open API's such as Vulkan and stop with the overzealous DRM. Take care of those two issues, let DX12 die in a dumpster fire and gamers on all platforms will benefit."

#Proton #Linux #deleteDRM #deleteDX12 #deleteWindows