Blueprint, a markup language for creating GTK user interfaces, is ready to use! Learn more about how you can use it and future plans for the project in this blog post from James Westman:

#GTK #GNOME #opensource

My markup language for #GTK4 is ready, and I'm eager to hear your feedback! Is it something you'd use in your apps? What features would you like to see next?

Mouse Tweaks just hit 100 million downloads on CurseForge! 🥳 Looks like it's the fifth mod on the site to reach 100 mil.

#ThisWeekInGNOME "Colorful Characters" is online now! The latest issue includes news about Mahjongg 🀄️, Portals 🌀, Characters 🔤 and much more!


Hooked up a slider and a tick callback to map timestamps, and we've got playback! The "Scroll Speed" label should now make perfect sense if you're not familiar with VSRGs. 😁

Of course, not all charts have a linear time flow. Thankfully plitki has full SV support out of the box!

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Put skin assets into GResources (which made the binary runnable from any working directory) and remade skin handling in general. The widget no longer loads images from a hard-coded path, but accepts a skin object as a property. As a bonus, this naturally led to 7-key support.

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Folks, please. Stop assuming that it's okay to introduce advanced features to Linux desktops that a normal user won't understand because "only geeks use Linux anyway". Believe it or not, even within the "geeks", there will be those who don't understand these concepts because they were simply never interested in them, and are therefore completely excluded.

Be inclusive. Design software that is simple, easy, and intuitive to use. Software that doesn't require a PhD to know how to use it.

After a long day, I have finally managed to properly implement GtkScrollable for the playfield. This means changing the playfield width, the scroll speed or toggling the scroll direction preserves your position on the map!

I also added a scroll direction toggle at the top left.

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Some apps in GNOME 42 supporting the dark style preference. On one hand I'm happy that it's happening, otoh it's not nearly as many by now as I'd have hoped. Though with GTK4/libadwaita transition happening at the same time it's kinda understandable.

The code is here by the way:

I have just written a README with an overview of the different components and design ideas. Please give it a look!

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The playfield is back in all its correctly measure()-d glory! As a bonus, it can now switch between arrows, bars and circles at runtime. The playfield's natural width shows the objects in their real image size; here the bar images in the skin are bigger than arrows and circles.

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It's friday! 🥳 And what does that mean? A new issue of #ThisWeekInGNOME is now available! As usual - lots of interesting news!


the realest posters are the ones postin for themselves 🥲

After a two-day deep dive into GTK measurement and allocation, I have finally achieved a decently behaving long note widget. It consists of three GtkPicture-s for the head, body and tail. After you set its length, it reports natural sizes that keep the right aspect ratio.

I also made a version that supports arbitrary widgets, which is pretty cursed (imagine labels that can wrap as head and tail), but it doesn't work well for any sane use-cases.

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