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that fat pig of a cop looks like Elmer Fudd!

birb site is so horrific... i can’t believe it... there are interesting people on there but holy shit the garbage I have to put up with... my son.. why

copyright nonsense 

remember kids, always share PDF textbooks with your friends! every time a new term starts in your department, find at least one person in a class you previously took and give them a copy of the book. together, we can stop this profiteering price-gouging nonsense.

@dirt have you ever tried a white mocha lol it is like melted ice cream? Maybe get a grande so there's more flavor and less coffee? Hmmm

PS where is posadist instance... i love wasting time with u people but I know my destiny

@paeonnui why say, this guy is a dick, when you can say, this guy is a police man and also racist

Haltingly reading from crumpled note: “uh... weaponized sincerity mr congressman”

Hey, remember that time there was an ancient Greek cult devoted to killing anybody who told outsiders how triangles worked.

“The Hemiptera or true bugs”

TRUE BUGS? there is so much in this world that i am ignorant of.

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