"You have closed registrations on mastodon.social, so how will my friends get in or find me?"

Tell your friends to sign up on knzk.me/about then tell them: "Search for MyUsername@mastodon.social" and voilà, you have found each other.

It's very similar to how e-mail addresses work.

@Gargron New to Mastodon, and many of us twitter refugees are having to sign up on different servers. Is there a way to search for a handle across all servers?

@XavierJulep @Gargron That worked to help me match followers in the domain I signed up with, but I know there are people who had to go into another domain (instance?). Am I missing something? (The one that I know is in a different domain, I'd already followed before trying this, though. So maybe it did check for others and didn't find any more?)

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