bad news everyone knzk was too powerful so the government shut it down, admin is currently swordfighting through cyber soldiers to retrieve the server data. i believe in him

I found one reason to not use the webapp: I can't open the comments of a toot which only contains a singular image and nothing more.

In mount and blade, even the ugliest motherfucker can become King

My new favorite picture theme is "cats trying to summon beings from a horrifying realm"

the virgin airplane:
- have to show up hours early
- crammed in seats like sardines
- energy inefficient
- flies through the air in a terrifying defiance of the will of God

the chad train:
- roll up to the station 15 minutes before departure like a boss
- can move around freely and stretch your legs any time you want
- low stress
- easy to enjoy the scenery as you travel
- moves along the ground as the LORD intended


@wakest Some people condoned nazis. Some others bikeshedded when we needed to only write two words: "No Nazis". When asked to offer a mea culpa and asked to quit being horrible for once some men still take it personally, act offended and irritated by other people using their voice to say things they don't like, mostly just and fair complaints, and objective appraisal of the disastrous collective performance. There are some ongoing polls that will hopefully get the coop out of this situation.

What’s a good instance that doesn’t block bofa? I need a new one

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