That feeling when you want to buy some tech but you don't really need anything :blobwoah:

Say what you want about Starbucks but their Nitro Cold Brew is fucking brilliant. It has been a while since I was surprised by a cup of coffee!

TIL macos by default randomly rearranges workspaces.

It was driving me insane why suddenly my program would move randomly. This is some evil genius sort of shit, not sure if I'm upset or impressed 🤔

"Man the world will be great once <usb-c> is the only cable you need to carry around."

I said about every usb standard and yet I still must have a dedicated cable drawer...

canse-sensitive captcha is exactly the reason why I'll be on the robot's side during the first human v robots civil war.

I made:

Compose Key builder for !
That's the thing I miss the most from linux desktop!

I work with sets a lot - it's a very _sadd_ experience 😬

That feeling when you finally get around to listen new album of one of your favorite bands and realize that you are too late for all of the release discussions :blobpensive:

Happy all dogo lovers!

What's you favorite doges?

Personally I'm a Shiba, corgi and good ol' classic street mutt type!

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Knocked out another blog post last night: Development with . While focusing on , nothing mentioned in the post is NeoVim-specific.

Got last week - wow wireless built in VR is the missing link!

So far has been my jam. Dancing VR to electro swing had me burn more colaries than anything else!

Beat Saber is a bit overrated in my opinion. is probably the most friendly I've tried and is the the most adorable game experience I've had all year!
So many great games, so little time!

Is there seriously no easy way to get an array of nodes by xpath in ? Everything I can find is 10 line long ugly functions that employ of sorts of hacks. I though javascript was a "web language" yet traversing DOM is so bloody painful. Is there some helper package that empowers DOM manipulation?

No, literally - I can manipulate pressure with my mouth. That's it.

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That feeling when you write up a bunch of detailed 3-4/5 star reviews on some shady 3rd grade eshops and they never get published because only 5 star reviews are valid :blobwoah:

(spoiler: it's clothes store)

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Just got banned from for disagreeing with the admins 😬

Should have dropped that platform when they banned a guy for saying: "the world would have been better without nazis and communists"

What's up with so many projects being made by complete anti social extremist assholes huh? 🤔

@dessalines lock the thread and reply with an attempt dox me, how classy lol 😂

You're aware that you can be from somewhere without being that place's born national, right? Try looking up the defitnion of an expat. ไม่ใช่คน​ไทย​แต่​พูด​ภาษาไทยแล้ว

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