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Finally got to see on after all these years of missing out!

The local theater brought it back presumably because of lack of good movies because of covid. I guess I should thank covid huh?
What a movie!

@alex hey, you're aware that has nothing to do with free software movement and is actually qanon conspiracy nutjob community?

It'll probably be wise not to associate with them 🀷

Interviews with Elon Musk be like:

> how do you find time to do all of these projects?
> I hire people to do them for me so I can cheat with married women.

Every time, except he doesn't actually say that and Joe Elk Meat Rogan is getting his mind blown - you do so many things!

@ashfurrow regatding the new rule: "no unsolicited advice from strangers". What does that even mean? I cant advice an application to someone publicly?

The fuck storage is so expensive? IPad pro almost DOUBLES in price going 64GB to 500GB. IPad pro is advertised as a computer replacement with 64GB o memory? Some laptops come with that much Ram πŸ˜‚

Every time I need to buy apple device for someone a bit of me dies inside for getting involved with this scam.

The is a thing of beauty; mad props to whoever is behind it!

I hope it doesn't hurt but as the ancient proverb goes: "this is good for bitcoin" πŸ˜‚

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Look! is live now! This FOSS comms conference has gone fully-online. You can watch talks on their site and see the Matrix live chat right alongside! Click through to get involved

If I start a instance with 8000 character limit, how will it federated with other instances? Will all of 8000 characters be expanded in to the blurb in mastodon UI?

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πŸ“ˆ Donations through Liberapay have risen to more than €5000 for the first time this week, thanks to the 3881 patrons who are supporting 721 creators.

This couple in have been having the same street food stall for 32 years 😯

I actually have a very similar couple near my place, I should ask them how long have they been doing it.

And here we are, software engineers, getting bored of our jobs in an average of 3 years lol

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♻️ Pattle, a sleek Matrix client for Android…


I've just discovered #Pattle a great #android and #iOS IM app. It's really nice, looks like WhatsApp or other "pro" IM clients/service. Difference is it's #FLOSS #freesoftware based on #matrix, just like #Riot. It's great, check it out! Especially if you're trying to get friends&family to switch from Facebook's WhatsApp or Messager to Matrix.
Source code:
It's also on Google Play.
Matrix "channel":πŸ˜›attle…

Just finished on yesterday. What a brilliant show! But just like Kings novels the endings of both seasons were pretty weak.

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@pixelfed oh and on mobile I can't even select this mp4 file for upload for some reason (Android 10)

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