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Just released little floss lib for scraping free proxy ips from the web:

part of my book on -scraping with publishing :)

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Have we already tried turning 2020 off and on again?

Will Tokyo Olympics get canceled?

Harry Potter should have ended with the first book/movie

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#Fediverse demographics #poll about age and sex/gender (please boost/repeat/share!)

note: women are usually overrepresented in polls like this.

Horror movies aren't massage parlors - we don't need happy endings!

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Please Boost!

Are you a Python user?

Do you use pip, the package management tool?

Do you want to help improve the usability of pip?

If so, sign-up to the pip UX studies!

All the details are here:

If you have questions about the studies - let me know.

#python #pycon2020 #pip

Here's a statement: fails game theory so badly to the point where it will never be a big movement until we have infinite resources or guidance.

What Is a romantic European city (or multiple) to visit for few days this summer that isn't an expensive tourist trap?

Has anyone read through ? Does it pickup because the beginning of "The eye of the world" is almost satirically slow.

Once I saw and old man with mirror attachments on their glasses. What's up with that?

Lets set this once and for all.
vs naming for:

Can we please please stop with family survival ? Compare family survival like world War z, quite place etc VS single survival like 28 days later or Moon or I am legend. It's such a cheap cop out that no one enjoys.

Working on porting - a lib for automating chrome browser to . Javascript is quite a beast and really made me appreciate python 馃槵

Contributors are welcome at !

Kinda disappointed with new podcast episode which features the infamous Ajit Pai. The host really should have pushed him more instead trying to balance the edge on subject which really is not a point of discussion.

Ajit Pai - what a complete tool.

I've been working on porting to [1] and oh my god what is wrong with javascript culture. Variable names are 50 characters long, everything is a private variable, there are unnecessary punctuation and braces everywhere. I've never felt this tired from reading code and it's by google of all place!

Everytime I try to get into javascript I feel like I'm trying to conjure ancient spells rather than modern programs.

[1] -

I made: "Likes" a static website template for making a small personal website that lists stuff you like:

see my own live example here:

Made with and .
I really like but I have mixed feelings about css grids layout. Will probably migrate to flexbox for future projects eventhough purecss has been lovely so far!

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