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I'll share a bit of an extreme opinion about - the new de facto dependency managers is not ready to be used. I really like it but it's so bloody buggy. In the past month I've migrated a bunch of projects and spent more time in their issue tracker than actually working on the projects.

Another case of v1.0 tag being a lie. How can it be v1.0 with 500 open issues and 100 pull requests? 😀

Did change owners or something? The service keeps breaking constantly and asking to reauthenticate cards and provide employment documents. My bank is actually providing more convenient service these days.

is out! Let's see what's the all fuss is all about πŸ™ƒ
I think this my first Kojima game, wish I could give PT a go but this will do for now I guess.

Why are the actual maps on maps so awful? Here's a comparison with OpenStreetMap via

Wrote up a short on organization tool for

If you enjoy terminal check out the best todo tool out there!

If you've been looking for a way to manage your tasks / todo list look no furhter!
is one of best cli tools I've seen out there - everything is just so fluent and intuative. Managing my tasks has been nothing but joy lately.

See for yourself at

Wow looks nothing short of disappointing. Flagship smartphones offer less and less every year for higher price; who buys this?

Is anyone using on for browsing ? Did you get notifications working? I've tried adding `/web/notifications` endpoint but any css selector I type in ends up giving 0 results πŸ˜‘

Anyone can recommend good "dive into" type of books on for an experienced programmer? Everything I pull up seems to be way too slow. πŸ˜‘

The thing is so absurd - how can such big company have such a shitty pr team?
Could have simply cut the stream and contacted the guy in private to avoid all of it. Taking the prize pool and 1 year ban just paints a target on your back. Either they are way to confided or are absolute morons lol.

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> NOTE to users in #Crimea, #Cuba, #Iran, North #Korea, #Sudan, and #Syria: may not be accessible after the migration to Google. Google has informed us that there are legal restrictions that are imposed for those countries. See this U.S. Department of the Treasury link for more details

What the hell, #Gitlab?!

#Google #GCP #USA πŸ–•

Today I learned that CI doesn't support images with entrypoint the hard way. Hours of debugging on CI - a day well spent! 😩

project is pretty cool if you're into though!

Is it me or flagship phones have no resale value at all? My from last year lost 70% of its value lol.
Seems like is holding up much better in this regard.

Bought some today and a first two year old . Some peaceful company while you is always appreciated 😊

Pitching in this RMS debate. As much as I like Stallman's ideas I think he hasnt been a great face for movement. It's a hip and highly idealistic movement - we need more young and charismatic people to lead this if we want to be successful!

Next up is Once Upon A Time In Hollywood! I heard good things about it and it just started rolling here in Thailand!

Just watched and it was surprisingly fun. The formula was quite unique and refreshing! 9/10
There seems to be a trend of kid adventure shows aimed at adults: stranger things, IT and now Good Boys. Good stuff!

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