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Look what was delivered today?

Unfortunately my new condo is too small for VR so this bad boy is going to ebay 😭

I've recently wrote a blog on -crawling with

I'm now preparing part 2 of this blog post that would delve deeper into: async crawling and part 3 of reverse engineering websites for crawling.

I'm doing this in preparation of writing a book with publishing on web crawling with python so any feedback is welcome!

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Freesoftware Foundation on spending huge bitcoin donation they received this year:

Tldr: hire few more people and invest into librejs

Amazon's API is as awkward as it gets. I feel like we're going back in time when it comes to API design.
What's next? Delete("write a poem about a key I'd like to delete")

Ugh never had as ugly python code in as I have with

Is it the best score on the best song on the best rhythm game on ?

Yes, yes it is.

I've been totally hooked on on . To the point where I'm looking to buy a used vertical monitor as my dedicated pinball display πŸ˜‚

Sadly for me vertical monitors are awfully rare and I don't really have much space in my apartment so maybe it's a good thing after all πŸ˜‘

That feeling when you are dumping these complex, super nested json documents and management tells you they need it a csv format as well. 😀

So far my approach is flatten the json and dump it as is. It looks ugly but there's no other way other than parsing by hand, right?

There's nothing worse than working in a hacker coworking space and hearing mouse clicks. Feels like I'm working with my grandma over here πŸ‘

Good day and place to do some !

Working on some web crawlers today. The wifi is pretty good and so is the view! Got some mountains, trees and a pool.

That what €500/month get you in

Finally got 10k stackoverflow rep!
I'm mostly doing -crawling tags.

Lately the question quality hasn't been that great - there seems to be an influx of new users. However there are a lot of new great mentors to compete with as well.
This means I kinda need to expand my tag subscription if I want to reach 20k and above :) has gone to complete shit with their naggy and disruptive UI. Why would I want 30% of the screen wasted on a banner and naggy "register now" footer?

Nothing wakes you up better than waking up and seeing email notification that someone closed your github issue.

Thinking of writing a blog on operating system stack: web browser, terminal emulator and window manager.
There's just so much to say that I'm not sure how could I possibly fit it into one blog and avoid complexities.

Been running this stack for over a year now and it has been great!

That feeling when you spend good 20 minutes writing a perfect answer for a new user on and they never comment, accept or read it really 😭

Beautiful view of rice fields and mountain range at a small village in northern .

Now if I could find somewhere to sit down with my laptop and do some work πŸ€”

Got a 4k TV just to find out 4k catalog is almost non existant πŸ˜”

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