I'll share a bit of an extreme opinion about - the new de facto dependency managers is not ready to be used. I really like it but it's so bloody buggy. In the past month I've migrated a bunch of projects and spent more time in their issue tracker than actually working on the projects.

Another case of v1.0 tag being a lie. How can it be v1.0 with 500 open issues and 100 pull requests? 😀

@Lofenyy so you imply in 300 years when we have AI, space travel, holograms and embedded VR worlds we would still have countries lol? What an absurd thought.

Did change owners or something? The service keeps breaking constantly and asking to reauthenticate cards and provide employment documents. My bank is actually providing more convenient service these days.

@mishari I'm pretty sure barefoot myth has been debunked in the 50s lol. The "natural development" argument quickly falls apart when you look outside and see asphalt 😬

@Lofenyy he's not wrong about the last one - single "country" is really inevitable.

is out! Let's see what's the all fuss is all about πŸ™ƒ
I think this my first Kojima game, wish I could give PT a go but this will do for now I guess.

Why are the actual maps on maps so awful? Here's a comparison with OpenStreetMap via maps.me.

Wrote up a short on organization tool for

If you enjoy terminal check out the best todo tool out there!


@fool @mdszy @bclindner @rfox I've actually been looking for this song but could never get the name of it; Thanks!

If you've been looking for a way to manage your tasks / todo list look no furhter!
is one of best cli tools I've seen out there - everything is just so fluent and intuative. Managing my tasks has been nothing but joy lately.

See for yourself at taskwarrior.org/docs/start.htm

@kelsonv Honestly the camara looks super underwhelming. It's double camera with 2x(really?) telephoto instead of wideangle. For one of the most expensive phones out there it's a bit of a joke. You can just get for like $300 now.

Wow looks nothing short of disappointing. Flagship smartphones offer less and less every year for higher price; who buys this?

Is anyone using on for browsing ? Did you get notifications working? I've tried adding `/web/notifications` endpoint but any css selector I type in ends up giving 0 results πŸ˜‘

@Lofenyy Cancel culture? more like cancer culture. Just leave Stallman be, why you have to beat the dead horse for your own priviledged self-masturbation. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

@astheroth Am I missing something? How is matrix swj? it's a dcentralized, uncensored and completely free software.

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