help a trans woman move so she can be with her boyfriend and people that care about her, boosts very appreciated 

@sunny not to be a downer just sheer ignorance: is asthma really high risk of death for covid? They seem to be rather young I don't think they're in any amounts of danger they imply to be.

That feeling when you want to buy some tech but you don't really need anything :blobwoah:

Say what you want about Starbucks but their Nitro Cold Brew is fucking brilliant. It has been a while since I was surprised by a cup of coffee!

TIL macos by default randomly rearranges workspaces.

It was driving me insane why suddenly my program would move randomly. This is some evil genius sort of shit, not sure if I'm upset or impressed πŸ€”

"Man the world will be great once <usb-c> is the only cable you need to carry around."

I said about every usb standard and yet I still must have a dedicated cable drawer...

canse-sensitive captcha is exactly the reason why I'll be on the robot's side during the first human v robots civil war.

I made:

Compose Key builder for !
That's the thing I miss the most from linux desktop!

@e8johan fry it with butter and dill! I really miss these bad boys; What country is that?

@alex honestly I don't want you to be offended but you seem to have very limited understanding of python.

@alex nah python is great! The fact that you wrote "python bad" without a single argument just proves it.

Comparing it to PHP which is just a glue language is extremely silly.

I work with sets a lot - it's a very _sadd_ experience 😬

@nytpu proof of work is bad for many reasons.
First of all it encourages centralization. Since you put in resources the best return is by corrupt economies of scale. E.g. Chinese oligarchs who have free electricity and need of usd.

and of course most importantly pow is restricting scaling - it's an artificial limit that benefits few miners and speculators rather then the network. Eth wants to move to PoS which would reduce gas price dramatically but its getting delayed forever now.

@matt check out Tezos if you're looking for something that actually address these issues.

@matt Ethereum doesn't need work - it needs to be abandoned. There are so many great ideas there bottle necked by some absolutely awful ones like proof of work and gas.

@matt @hjertnes aren't floppies technically water proof? Drop it in the ocean like a message in a bottle!

That feeling when you finally get around to listen new album of one of your favorite bands and realize that you are too late for all of the release discussions :blobpensive:

Happy all dogo lovers!

What's you favorite doges?

Personally I'm a Shiba, corgi and good ol' classic street mutt type!

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Knocked out another blog post last night: Development with . While focusing on , nothing mentioned in the post is NeoVim-specific.

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