@Lofenyy Why fall back on Arch when it's clearly the superior operating system. This message has been brought to you by

@codesections Javascript is basically the cancer that made web-browsers so complicated. Web assembly would allow many more browsers into the market.

@remram44 I have such mixed opinions on poetry but 1.0 release definitely feels better now.

The best thing to happen to python are definitely the addition of fstrings - fight me if you disagree!

@silverwolf I use mastodon web on desktop and on android I use mastodon web via Hermit which converts webpages to somewhat native apps. The best setup I've found so far!

@CaribeIndigena Welcome aboard! You'll definitely find many like minded people here on mastodon!

It's embarrasing how long it's taking to fix their skylake gpus on . i915 has been hanging and freezing for TWO MONTHS now and this critical issue still hasn't been resolved yet.

My last intel product.

See: bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.ph

@linuxwebdevelopment Have you tried Parsel? I do web-scraping full time and I'd highly recommend parsel over beautifulsoup - it's faster and much more intuative.


Also shameless plug for my cli tool using parsel - parsecli


@gerowen so the way you do it is first search for a hash tag - > pin it - > customize it!

@GwenfarsGarden @plantarum Hermit is an app that turns websites into apps:


I've had great experiences with it in the past few months since I've discovered it!

@GwenfarsGarden @plantarum
Just ditch tusky app and instead use the web version. You can even wrap it with something like that adds additional functionality to the web version like notifications, full screen and various other quality-of-life improvements. Honestly it's much better experience than any other specific app offers!

@plantarum That's a feature I've been asking of mastodon for years - subscribe to hashtags but the best thing we've got is extra column where you can write up all hashtags you want to follow which is kinda nice but awfully ugly.

The whole hashtag ecosystem is awfully underveloped when it should be the driving force.

@katherine @violet Welcome aboard! Next level from this is post selfies of cats! 😀

@gerowen Welcome aboard! I'm sure you'll find a lot of like-minded folks around here!

My suggestion is set up a follow for your favorite hashtags - this will help you to discover some communities. See my attached screenshot of one of my pins!

@cosullivan @viv A recommendation I'd make for reading productivity is start with skimming! Just open up a book and enjoy and look around for a hook. Programming books are rarely designed to be read cover to cover!

@bkhl Cool, not a fan of stripped shirt though, but maybe it melds better when not cropped!

@hinterwaeldler Put it on gitlab/hub! Do you scrape the quotes from somewhere?

On related note I read that motivating yourself in third person is much more effective: "You can do it" instead of "I can do it" - try that too!

@linuxwebdevelopment I'd like to attend to that too but everytime I give it a spin it feels like I'm working with some of the worst programming API that does not resemble python at all 😩

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