@sir Hey Drew, I think big problem is maintaining a blog. I've started few tech/floss blogs but it's really hard to get feedback and further motivation without pushing comments, or google analytics. Also SEO game is rigged towards big websites.

All that being said I agree with some of your points - technical blogs are great fun and great for solidifying your own knowledge. At the beginning of this year I've started crawl.blog/ a blog about web-crawling :)

I love how even the most basic operations in are O(mystery) complexity. Want to alter column type? Well that will either take 2 days or 20seconds depending on your settings πŸ˜‚πŸ”«


@dwardoric @raichoo @martin What is missing in your opinion? Have you looked into scripts and addons for that behaviour? I'm using qutebrowser + python scripts + greasemonkey and I'm been having trouble coming with something this browser can't do.

@dwardoric @martin @raichoo I think you have your rose-tinted glasses on. Despite the point everything good you could possibly miss already exists on current gen browsers, so what is there to miss? Absolutely terrible management that killed the browser and turned it into spyware?

@dwardoric @raichoo @martin why? Also it's still there as chinese bought out closed source spyware πŸ˜‚

> The past tense of yield is yielded or yold.

_yold_ 🀨

Just got 12k rep on .
Haven't been working much on it and while I'd love to claim that I don't have much time these days (which is partially true) but the real reason is that the competition is getting very fierce which feels like a bittersweet victory πŸ™ƒ
The growth of contributors over the past 2 years is really noticable, well done guys!

That moment when you get caught off-guard by your old silly comments πŸ˜‚

Watched the movie on yesterday. Very interesting take on first contact! Aside from general humans being idiots tropes as the main actress really weak performance it was a good movie!
Would recommend it if you are interested in .

Finished on yesterday. Wow what a brilliant series! I can totally see some episodes becoming whole series on their own.

Together with this month probably had the best releases Netflix ever had. Worth every penny of this month's sub fee, let's see if they can keep it up!

Got some to do. Batch number 2 is up. This time I went with even more local stuff. Some appear to be healthier as they have pictures of some root everywhere. The 3rd one with a snake and cheap font kinda scares me though.

Needles to say my tea mug does not approve of being temporarily displaced πŸ˜…

@jaywink sustainability and stability is important for long term economic growth too. I don't think any government enacted green policies through sheer kindness of their hearts.

One thing I learned from bitcoin is that the best way to fight corruption is to center your system around greed. It's much easier to use the carrot than the stick when it comes to economics.

@wickedbloodfart doesn't everything these days? πŸ˜…
They all taste the same though, shame. Also their dirt cheap. One is like 30 cents usd.

They did the trick yesterday. I think I already built up immunity today though. Back to coffee!

I love
I don't think anyone here in watches though but the swag is irresistible πŸ˜…

@isagalaev It's a meme dude. But I like the self-documenting nature of type annotations. We adapted them at work so other devs could catch up with the code faster in case someone needs to hotfix something on a spot.
It's a great optional feature that really doesn't hurt anyone.

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