This couple in have been having the same street food stall for 32 years 😯

I actually have a very similar couple near my place, I should ask them how long have they been doing it.

And here we are, software engineers, getting bored of our jobs in an average of 3 years lol

Some people have asked me how's driving here in and it's actually really chill.
I finally got around putting up a video online but in a nutshell scooters as a transportation experience has been by far my favorite!

Got some to do. Batch number 2 is up. This time I went with even more local stuff. Some appear to be healthier as they have pictures of some root everywhere. The 3rd one with a snake and cheap font kinda scares me though.

Needles to say my tea mug does not approve of being temporarily displaced πŸ˜…

I love
I don't think anyone here in watches though but the swag is irresistible πŸ˜…

Good day and place to do some !

Working on some web crawlers today. The wifi is pretty good and so is the view! Got some mountains, trees and a pool.

That what €500/month get you in

Beautiful view of rice fields and mountain range at a small village in northern .

Now if I could find somewhere to sit down with my laptop and do some work πŸ€”

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