Just published a tutorial article on "Web Scraping with Selenium and Python"


This one was really fun to write. Finally got around to doing some videos - I'm impressed how easy and are to work with these days! πŸ‘

I don't use Selenium that much these days but the tool still holds up!

Any feedback is appreciated! :)

Started my first gig as a tech writer this week - exciting!

My non-profit blog scrapecrow.com and all that stackoverflow work is actually paying off!

Was looking into streamlining my experience and found β€” it's a brilliant pop up tool that inserts emoji into your text or clipboard. I already use and this is a such a natural extension. πŸ‘


Working on porting - a lib for automating chrome browser to . Javascript is quite a beast and really made me appreciate python 😬

Contributors are welcome at github.com/pyppeteer/pyppeteer !

I've been working on porting to [1] and oh my god what is wrong with javascript culture. Variable names are 50 characters long, everything is a private variable, there are unnecessary punctuation and braces everywhere. I've never felt this tired from reading code and it's by google of all place!

Everytime I try to get into javascript I feel like I'm trying to conjure ancient spells rather than modern programs.

[1] - github.com/pyppeteer/pyppeteer

I made: "Likes" a static website template for making a small personal website that lists stuff you like: github.com/Granitosaurus/likes

see my own live example here: granitosaurus.rocks/likes/

Made with and .
I really like purecss.io but I have mixed feelings about css grids layout. Will probably migrate to flexbox for future projects eventhough purecss has been lovely so far!

How come I haven't heard of for yet? It's pretty damn awesome alternative to`make` - I wish `make` would just finally roll over and die to a thousand better alternatives.

's `logging` module is so bloody awful. Can we just delete it and start over?

I'll share a bit of an extreme opinion about - the new de facto dependency managers is not ready to be used. I really like it but it's so bloody buggy. In the past month I've migrated a bunch of projects and spent more time in their issue tracker than actually working on the projects.

Another case of v1.0 tag being a lie. How can it be v1.0 with 500 open issues and 100 pull requests? 😀

> The past tense of yield is yielded or yold.

_yold_ 🀨

Just got 12k rep on .
Haven't been working much on it and while I'd love to claim that I don't have much time these days (which is partially true) but the real reason is that the competition is getting very fierce which feels like a bittersweet victory πŸ™ƒ
The growth of contributors over the past 2 years is really noticable, well done guys!

That moment when you get caught off-guard by your old silly comments πŸ˜‚

Just finished a new blog post: crawl.blog/why-do-we-crawl/

Great idea by @ptvirgo, thanks!

I've loads of fun in inkscape :D
I also feel that I missed something...
All feedback is welcome!

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