This is Dummy!
She's a scuba dive shop . Her favorite activities are: chasing scooters, jumping on long tail boats, napping in the aircon room and generally protecting the beach area from various intruders and keeping order 🐢

She's actually named after thr card game Rummy but in Thailand they call it Dummy. She's not dumb at all, though she is very chunky 😁

Testing out new setup in my kitchen 😁
The 360 hinge is paying off once again - truly an under appreciated laptop feature!

And yes those are knock off board games holding my keyboard 😬

Happy all dogo lovers!

What's you favorite doges?

Personally I'm a Shiba, corgi and good ol' classic street mutt type!

@alex hey, you're aware that has nothing to do with free software movement and is actually qanon conspiracy nutjob community?

It'll probably be wise not to associate with them 🀷

@pixelfed how's video support currently? I've tried posting an mp4 and ran into some problems here:

Not sure what's missing πŸ€”

@ Bill gates you madman. Always choosing the hardest path to prove the doubters wrong. Respects

Where on earth do you find key value map? I'm just trying to figure out what's the code for the bloody escape key but neither <esc> nor <escape> does it.

"Oh yes let me open up a header file that I conveniently have and know where it is" - why can't you just put a bloody table in the docs.

@ashfurrow I'm having some troubles with search on this instance - it's awfully slow and sometimes timeout in general.
For example I got this rather complicated pin and it almost never loads 😬

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