I'm looking for friends who also are interested in stuff like #opensource, #freesoftware, #linux, #programming, #webdevelopment, #javascript, #nodejs, #react, #python, #systemadministration, #selfhosting, #gaming, and #privacy, like myself. I feel kind of lonely and lack friends to chat with. 😕

@Psycosy seems like we have a lot of things in common! Followed you 🙂

I just got so I'll be making some apps for it and make some post of my discoveries this week!

@Wraptile Thanks! Followed back. Oh, sweet. Grats with a new phone! Is it good? How do you like PureOS? I will give it a closer look, but I'm not sure I can afford it.


@Psycosy not gonna lie - it's pretty awful 😂.
I'll post more about it but the only reason to buy it right now is to hack around with it. I got it to support the idea of Linux phones and to give GUI programming a go since on desktop I prefer shells and command line interfaces 😬

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