@ashfurrow regatding the new rule: "no unsolicited advice from strangers". What does that even mean? I cant advice an application to someone publicly?

@Wraptile it’s basically a “do onto others as you would have them do onto you” but extended to a specific scenario (which tech people sometimes get wrong). Most users are already adhering to this rule, we are just trying to judge everyone to be kinder to strangers.

@ashfurrow @Wraptile for a concrete example:

Bob: "Ugh I hate Windows my printer never works"

Good reponses:
Alice (who does not know Bob at all): "That sucks!"

Erin (who is mutuals with Bob): "Oh no! Have you tried these drivers?"

Bad response:
Todd (who does not know Bob at all): "Oh no! Have you tried using Linux?"

@xmakina @ashfurrow @Wraptile Yeah, this exactly. It's something that tech circles are absolutely notorious for on the network, to the point where people specifically asked tech instances as a whole to adopt this rule to help directly mitigate it

@bclindner I feel this answers your question, @Wraptile. It is a bit extreme, but that's because the problem of unsolicited advice from tech dudes has become so systemic and constant that extreme measures are needed to get things back on track.

Honestly though, I wouldn't worry about it. Either you don't do it, so don't need to worry, or you do do it, and now you know to stop, so don't need to worry :)

@xmakina @bclindner I see, well personally I love when people discuss software like this. Some of the coolest apps I found through "unsolicited advices" and love to give such advices myself as there is so much brilliant software that is relatively unknown. Just today someone complained on local stream about curl and I recommended them to check out httpie because it solves a lot of issues curl suffers from - is that breaking the rule?

@Wraptile @xmakina Yes.

I think an important clarification needs to be made here: while you may enjoy giving and receiving unsolicited advice, not everyone does. In fact, our extended network at large frowns upon it because people - specifically and almost exclusively tech-savvy users - do it constantly when people post negatively about something they use. Sometimes we all just need to scream into the void about stuff we're using, without a voice calling back "have you tried using X?".


@bclindner @xmakina to me public release equates to request for discourse. Either "help me fix this" or "fight me" or "in leaving you a bad yelp review"

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