How do you grind your ?

I pretty much make french press exclusively and I just switched from medium/coarse to a bit finer grind and wow, coarse grind is for suckers. I want all of my cofee juices out of them beans!

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Depends on the brew method: fine for espresso, medium for Aeropress, medium-coarse for Kalitta Wave 155, & coarse for Chemex & French press.

@SlowRain what are your thoughts of finer grind for French press? I keep reading everywhere that it's the way to go but it always ends up tasting awfully weak on my press - it feels like I'm doing something wrong.

I don't grind very fine. I used to grind about the same as for the Kalita Wave 155, but I've recently started grinding a bit coarser, & I'm enjoying it more. But that's also for how I roast. If the beans you're using are roasted quite light, then I imagine you'll want to grind finer.

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