@ashfurrow I'm having some troubles with search on this instance - it's awfully slow and sometimes timeout in general.
For example I got this rather complicated pin and it almost never loads 😬

@Wraptile hmm sorry about that. I’m not sure what I can do but I’ll look into it. ElasticSearch is incredibly expensive, from a computing resource perspective, and there aren’t many more resources I can provision for it without costing more money. But I will try!

@Wraptile Patreon link is in my bio, we already have enough to cover hosting costs, including the additional resources for bare ElasticSearch. I’d feel weird asking for more since others’ needs are greater. I’ll try to look at this today.

@Wraptile okay, I doubled the ElasticSearch cache size: Hopefully that helps, because we don't have much headroom left 😅 Let me know!

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