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This is Dummy!
She's a scuba dive shop . Her favorite activities are: chasing scooters, jumping on long tail boats, napping in the aircon room and generally protecting the beach area from various intruders and keeping order 🐢

She's actually named after thr card game Rummy but in Thailand they call it Dummy. She's not dumb at all, though she is very chunky 😁

Was quite a bit of work as I'm not too familiar with javascript but jquery does most of the lifting.

My favorite feature is sharability through base64 encoded content (see "Share" section) which is awesome but modern browsers tend to limit url length which makes this feature not available for everyone.

The guys at are really serious about provided an open source set of web scraping tools and it's awesome! Especially since this little medium of web scraping is so secretive sometimes.

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Been watching - who knew that the best DC TV show would be led by my childhoods favorite wrestling superstar πŸ₯²

I didn't know I needed campy hacker gta in my life until yesterday

Just published a tutorial article on "Web Scraping with Selenium and Python"

This one was really fun to write. Finally got around to doing some videos - I'm impressed how easy and are to work with these days! πŸ‘

I don't use Selenium that much these days but the tool still holds up!

Any feedback is appreciated! :)

Say what you want about tiktok but it's probably the best social network for finding new music πŸ™‚

I was just chilling at nightime and a bat just flew in front of me and floated around for a second. What a cool creature πŸ¦‡

Is there an android client with "follow tags" feature (the one available in web column filters on desktop)?

I just want to follow some tags.

First one is a two-part introduction to web scraping. First part on http connections and the other one on html parsing. All in Python of course!

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Started my first gig as a tech writer this week - exciting!

My non-profit blog and all that stackoverflow work is actually paying off!

Testing out new setup in my kitchen 😁
The 360 hinge is paying off once again - truly an under appreciated laptop feature!

And yes those are knock off board games holding my keyboard 😬

That feeling when you want to buy some tech but you don't really need anything :blobwoah:

Say what you want about Starbucks but their Nitro Cold Brew is fucking brilliant. It has been a while since I was surprised by a cup of coffee!

TIL macos by default randomly rearranges workspaces.

It was driving me insane why suddenly my program would move randomly. This is some evil genius sort of shit, not sure if I'm upset or impressed πŸ€”

"Man the world will be great once <usb-c> is the only cable you need to carry around."

I said about every usb standard and yet I still must have a dedicated cable drawer...

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