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We just the last planed v0.14.x release.


If you are on **latest**, **next** or **v0.15.0-rc1** ignore this.

If you still run an older version **please upgrade!!**

I released a new version of MastodonAmnesia (0.2.2).

Main changes are repackaging for release on Pypi and update of dependency / requirements versions.

Now available at:

Repo with source, issues and rudimentary CI on @codeberg using their @WoodpeckerCI integration at:

Do you not want to miss the next candidate (rc)?

An update about a fix?

What goes on at 's ?

That's what this account is for - just start :)

In case you are wondering how to receive access to the hosted , we now made procedure and rules more clear to everyone:

Check it out!

> I'd love to eventually get off of all proprietary services and even do something like a self-hosted instance of GitLab or something.

That's good to hear. I think for a simple blog site self-hosting GitLab is too much. If you really want to selfhost, Gitea (the software Codeberg uses) + Woodpecker CI would be easier to setup. With this, website files can be generated automatically on new commits.

If you are having any trouble, feel free to DM me. I'm a webdev, I'll try to help.

We have just reached 3883 commits & milestone v0.15.0 issues are down to 10. 🚀

looks like some progress :)

If you use or as IDE you might not know how to add woodpeckers pipeline schema to it.

Just mirror the picture :)

if you use and on `latest` or `next` tag, you might consider deleting the "Drone Service" in gitlab and "Repair Repo" in woodpecker.

this will switch webhook type from drone specific to generic.

If your do not show error messages and hints for pipeline you probably do not have this plugin installed:

This will add you -store support for files and so for woodpecker :)

Just a short update of this week:

We recently fixed:
- make cancel of pipelines work again
- let live log view in new UI work
- fix a potential panic

And refactored:
- move plugin settings behind `settings:`

Just to mention improvements to the new UI:
- display pull icons & index
- pipeline status dependent favicons

So keep clam, new release is closer than ever 🎉!

Thank you everyone for your feedback on . Now it's time to turn your feedback into reality. If you got some free time, please have a look upstream at and see if you can support the project.

While we are no longer looking for more alpha testers right now, feel free to still request access if you want to try it out or if your projects benefits from a CI service:

Warum hat das #BSI neben dem #Kubernetes #ITGrundschutz-Baustein nun eigentlich einen Baustein für #Container?

Techniken wie die BSD-Jails, LXC, OpenVZ oder systemd-nspawn stellen „Container“ bereit, um #Betriebssysteme als voneinander isolierte Instanzen zu betreiben. Diese nutzen einen gemeinsamen Kernel und vermeiden somit den Overhead eines Hypervisors.
Container-Orchestrierungen wie Kubernetes nutzen dann solche Container, um darin Anwendungen zu betreiben.


We released a new stable version v0.14.3 🎉

Last versions had an issue with the embeded frontend, this now fixed!
Also if you use Github as forge, you can run into api rate limits, there is now a flag to avoid it until we reworked woodpecker to only call api on demand.

read more at:

Thanks to all contributors!

anyone have a successful #cicd platform that doesnt have 900 parts?
I recently spun up #gitea and was playing around with #woodpeckerci instead of #droneci (licencing reasons). but it seems like the documentation for both projects are still in their infancy and it could really use a more thorough hand.
How plugins actually integrate into pipelines is confusing. As are secret integration and how container repository authentication works...

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