Hey all people out there 👋

If you use Woodpecker or Drone, it would be nice to know why you decided that way. (Pro/Con)

this is not about bashing but to document for others who still face the decision.

please respond to this toot or write directly to github.com/woodpecker-ci/woodp

We like to create something similar to docs.gitea.io/en-us/comparison

RT @codeberg_org
As previously announced: We are preparing our the second weekend in April, from 8th to 10th of April. Hacking on , , , small projects and bots or whatever you can think of ...

Learn more from the blog: blog.codeberg.org/first-codebe

🎉🎉🎉 v0.15.0 released 🎉🎉🎉

We are proud to finally present you the v0.15.0 release, thanks to all the hard work done by all our awesome contributors 👍

⚠️ If you are on any older installation, please make sure to follow the migration guide. ⚠️

( github.com/woodpecker-ci/woodp )

Do you not want to miss the next candidate (rc)?

An update about a fix?

What goes on at 's ?

That's what this account is for - just start :)

We have just reached 3883 commits & milestone v0.15.0 issues are down to 10. 🚀

looks like some progress :)

if you use and on `latest` or `next` tag, you might consider deleting the "Drone Service" in gitlab and "Repair Repo" in woodpecker.

this will switch webhook type from drone specific to generic.
read more at github.com/woodpecker-ci/woodp

If your do not show error messages and hints for pipeline you probably do not have this plugin installed:


This will add you -store support for files and so for woodpecker :)

Just a short update of this week:

We recently fixed:
- make cancel of pipelines work again
- let live log view in new UI work
- fix a potential panic

And refactored:
- move plugin settings behind `settings:`

Just to mention improvements to the new UI:
- display pull icons & index
- pipeline status dependent favicons

So keep clam, new release is closer than ever 🎉!

We released a new stable version v0.14.3 🎉

Last versions had an issue with the embeded frontend, this now fixed!
Also if you use Github as forge, you can run into api rate limits, there is now a flag to avoid it until we reworked woodpecker to only call api on demand.

read more at: github.com/woodpecker-ci/woodp

Thanks to all contributors!

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