WoodpeckerCI is now on Mastodon πŸŽ‰

We are an ommunity fork of the Drone.

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it's called community - but dont know how to change that ... so let let it stay ;)

@WoodpeckerCI welcome, nice to meet you. Will be changing to you because drone sucks. I will create a simple ansible role of none exist.

@rhizoet awesome to hear :)

be aware of upcoming version will break stuff so if you do create an ansible keep in mind to for example use the "WOODPECKER_*" variables ;)

If they are ready we are happy to add your ansible as link into the docs

beside @codeberg could use that one too then ;)

@WoodpeckerCI @codeberg you could also use codeberg as hosting platform instead of M$ github πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

@6543 Same as here. But till now I have no public repos πŸ˜‰


Can you give those of us who are not familiar with "the Drone" an overview?

(I saw a thing earlier today where someone was talking about trying a community gitea, for the US, as it's difficult for folks in the US to use codeberg as the US banking system is from the 1700's and will never NOT be from the 1700's. As they are interested in the CI parts, and I know that gitea's CI part is not exactly ... I know someone who moved away from gitea because it didn't contain enough features...
aaand we use gerrit at work and "ugh" ...
and I don't know that I _need_ it but you know, "having options...")

Anyway: a short intro, or a pointer in your bio to a descriptive webpage. Also, a "why we are a community fork" (which I'm sure you have squared away somewhere.)

Glad you're here nonetheless.


is a fork of the early drone (~v0.8) witch was just keep working for long time by - thanks for that :)

It's currently "owned" by @6543 and

We do heavily refactor at the moment to make current features more reliable and better to maintain...

do not have a own CI and woodpecker is intent to close that gap :)

and the fork happened because drone changed it's license model.

@WoodpeckerCI for what is that, i must buy an Drone and your software is to flying ?

@skobkin you can not build a working CI if you only use files licensed under

Sounds strange. Is it some recent change or where it comes from?

@skobkin well there is a long storry ...

the first one was the lisence change - witch did not effect that mouch ...

but reasently it got bought by harness ...

and the communety can not realy get pulls in

example: ...

@WoodpeckerCI welcome to the fediverse!

great to see you here.

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