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heck yyeeeeeah! Finally got my CI ported over to @WoodpeckerCI got some builds going, got some bugs reported

Have you already developed a plugin for ? We would be more than happy to add it to our new plugin index.

well the pipeline to release binary's is now fixed and so I would say after 8days the release is now finished 😅

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Gadgetbridge 0.70.0 is out with support for three new devices: Amazfit GTS 3 and Fossil Hybrid Gen6 are now supported, this release also adds support for Flipper Zero 🐬 an open source multi-tool. Cover image of this post is the Flipper device icon :)

This is our last official release for 🤖 KitKat, read more in the blog post

Thanks to @codeberg and @WoodpeckerCI for great infrastructure!

#flipperzero #BangleJS #InfiniTime #Gadgetbridge #fdroid #codeberg #woodpeckerci

Shoutout to @WoodpeckerCI, their server is super easy to set up, they have a very active community for support, it integrates smoothly with Gitea, and they support Drone CI plugins! Definitively worth hosting.

If you use Kubernetes in some form, we now provide a tag to test native backend support now.

This also works for all other pulls merged with current master

New versions out:

Playlist2Podcast (0.5.5) - bump of dependencies, mainly new version of yt-dlp

MastodonAmnesia (0.6.1) - bump of dependencies.

With both of these I have also implemented automatic publishing of new versions to PyPi using the @WoodpeckerCI setup at @codeberg

New versions are available on Pypi at the following links respectively:

Please report any issues, thank you.

Hey all people out there 👋

If you use Woodpecker or Drone, it would be nice to know why you decided that way. (Pro/Con)

this is not about bashing but to document for others who still face the decision.

please respond to this toot or write directly to

We like to create something similar to

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