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It's difficult to have useful conversations about mobile tracking when people say "your phone / mobile device tracks you". The phone is just a computer.

The networks that you connect to can spy on you---your cellular network, bluetooth, wifi, etc. To help mitigate these threats, you can disable those communications until you are in a safe place that you don't mind others knowing about. This can really only be guaranteed with a hardware switch---iOS now lies to its users when they ask to disable those communications, for example.

The software running on your device spys on you: the operating system itself often spies; the apps you install often spy. This is the fault of the individual _authors_---_they_ are the problem. Consider using free/libre software that empowers you and serves _you_ rather than its creators; it's much harder to hide secrets in free software. On Android, consider using only free software available in F-Droid. We also need fully free mobile operating systems, like Replicant and hopefully Purism's Librem 5 that is still under development.

Call out those that do harm---don't veil and protect them using statements like "your phone tracks you". Talks about the specific issues. Demand change and have the courage to reject them entirely. That involves inconvenience and sacrifice, but if we're strong now, then in the near future, perhaps we won't have to make any sacrifices, much like the fully free GNU/Linux system desktops we have today.

HR manager friggin' LOL'd me in a work email. wtf!
I have issue with this 'LOL' thing.

Many smart phone manufactures and service providers not fully honest about security patches actually applied to phones - Another reason why we need more control over our phones. Locked boot loaders need to go away, so we can choose the OS that suites us and our security needs.

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