Have you ever seen photos of cars from the early 20th century where they haven't figured out how cars should look? Well the early 2000's were the same with phones. Until the first iPhone came out companies knew that phones would be different but hadn't figured it out yet.

@Ventronik They really tried to make the N-Gage form factor work, bless 'em. :blobawkward:

@Ventronik my friend had one of those stick phones and i fucking love them still they were so good?

@Ventronik god but remember how cool slide out keyboards were

(Image is a phone screenshot of a duckduckgo image search for the lg rumor, a phone with a slide out keyboard from I think the late 2000s)

@Ventronik batarang lol.

It's no coincidence they're all nokia's though.

@qwazix To be fair the article I got the pictures from was about Nokia innovation. You can also look at the Motorola Razr phones. It was just an odd time for phones.

@Ventronik Most of those look better than what we have now.

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