Do you ever look at your cupboards, the high ones over your counters, that are filled with dishes? Then just think, "I have placed a lot of trust right here"?

Have you ever seen photos of cars from the early 20th century where they haven't figured out how cars should look? Well the early 2000's were the same with phones. Until the first iPhone came out companies knew that phones would be different but hadn't figured it out yet.

Need help in Washington State? Artist, business, worker? Checkout this resource guide .

Help is Available!

Washingtonians, has COVID19 impacted your work?

Read this to help answer your questions:

hey if you use an oral thermometer to keep track of your temp during this time of plague, make sure you don't do it right after enjoying a hot cup of coffee

my partner did that earlier today and scared the shit out of themself when the screen read 100 degrees

(Plz Share) Greater King County Covid Testing 

The Seattle Flu Study has fully pivoted to track coronavirus:

Even if you don’t have symptoms you should get tested, as Fred Hutch researcher T. Bedford outlined in a 19 part tweet (summarized in Geekwire the only way we will get ahead of this pandemic is by testing. This can give you results, read the FAQ.
Please spread widely. The more tests we have, the better prepared we can be.

Does anyone have parking recomendations for Paine Field? Travelling for a weekend.

Drug mention, Hellsite, Police 

Seattle PD twitter account:

"Fentanyl is a scourge in our community and a growing focus of police investigations. We seized 187 fentanyl pills in 2018, 220,000 in 2019, and 40,000 year to date. We support
@MayorJenny’s plan to increase access to naloxone and education to save lives."

That is a crazy jump in seized drugs

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