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Make the change, Credit Unions are so much better. And they do not have the perverse incentive to take your money!

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Today I found a job post that had 2 requirements of note:

AWS(Amazon Web Services)
AWS(American Welding Society)


Apparently Key and Peele are in the White and Nerdy music video by Weird Al

So I messaged a recruiter who looked at my LinkedIn profile. Saying let's talk, I can help you.

This is their response: 👍

From Teresa's Mosqueda Twitter account:

"Dear drivers, please stop ignoring "NO TURN ON RED" signs. Dear @seattledot, please ban right on red citywide so that stopping is the default behavior. Dear #WaLeg, please legalize automated camera enforcement. Sincerely, Someone who doesn't want to die on her trip home."

I was with you on the first sentence. Everything after that is bad policy.

Fun fact: the founder of Oakley sunglasses owns an entire San Juan island and it is stocked with exotic sheep and deer.

I hate the term "War on Cars".

Cars declared war on all other modes of transportation in the 1950's. Other modes of transportation relegated to sidewalks, or dismantled.

But multimodal transportation is democratic and can fix many problems caused by car culture.

‪In the next update to my upcoming mastodon app, there’ll be blurred sensitive media, quick action for quick account switching, 30+ alternative app icons, list creation and management, and so much more.‬

Long post: Mastodon, newbies, an India server 

#Introduction #India
Hi #fediverse, I'm an illustrator and graphic designer based out of New Delhi. Through editorial illustration, fiction and non-fiction comics I look at intersections of visual design + research with contemporary politics, social and human rights issues.

I also make political comics compiled under #politricks on most social media platforms. Links where they're supposed to be if you're interested :)

@extinct "Episode one: Winamp: Does It Really Whip The Llama's Ass?"

Mastodonஇல் இணையும் முதல் நாடாளுமன்ற உறுப்பினர். விழுப்புரம் எம்.பி @Writerravikumar அவர்கள். வருக சார் :) #Tamil

Probably the first Member of Indian Parliament to Enter @Mastodon network. Dr. Ravikumar, MP of Villupuram Constituency is here now. Welcome sir :) @Gargron

A good read (3/3)

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the citizens of the State of
Washington do hereby proclaim that Tim Eyman is a Horse’s Ass.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be
immediately transmitted to Tim Eyman, his wife, and his mother. So

A good read (2/3)

WHEREAS, Tim Eyman diverted $165,000 of campaign contributions to
a for-profit corporation he controls, with the intention of paying
himself an additional $157,000; and
WHEREAS, Motivated by self-aggrandizement and personal gain, Tim
Eyman has consistently misrepresented the initiatives he sponsored,
and misappropriated funds donated to support them; and
WHEREAS, Tim Eyman readily admits, in his own words, that "I just
feel like an ass;"

A good read (1/3)

Full text of the 2003 Washington State Initiative 831:

WHEREAS, Tim Eyman’s ill-conceived anti-tax initiatives are an
irresponsible means of legislating tax policy, an abuse of the
initiative process, and insult to our system of representative
democracy; and
WHEREAS, Tim Eyman is an admitted liar, who paid himself $45,000
from campaign funds, while publicly denying any personal gain from
the state-wide initiatives he sponsored; and

Why would anyone steal content from Twitter comedians when you can post literally any dumb thing on Mastodon and get like 200 boosts

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