And with the stroke of a pen the Dunce declares himself King.

I just wish I had it with out the credit bits from the Lonely Island.

This song is my new anthem

The LEGO Movie 2 - Super Cool - Beck feat. Robyn & The Lonely Island (Official Lyric Video)

Someone who stands next to you in the bathroom is your peer.

I am re reading the Squirrel Girl comics. I freely admit that I love them. It is weird to see something so focused on solving problems with friendship and understanding in an honest way.

For the last 20 years we have been spoiled. News shifted to the internet and made their content free. It turns out you get what you pay for. Who knew.

The Economist really just went and made an ad for Mastodon

Okay : I and making a map heavy website. Ultimately that map will have LOTS of markers on it. If I want to keep it performant would you recommend Google maps, arcGIS, mapbox, or other?

>Tesla Model X Battery Fire Reignited 5 Days After Crash
>Tesla Model S Crashes, Battery Fire Reignites Multiple Times
>fire department used water

It's frightening that fire departments apparently are not properly equipped to handle lithium battery fires, nor do they have the proper education on how these things are pyrophoric (they react with air and spontaneously combust) and really should NOT be mixed with water.

Good news, all. I just got my first job in development. ♥️🐝

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Okay , I need a legal ruling:

While playing Simon Says with my niece:

Niece, "Simon Says touch your eyebrows"
Me, *touches eyebrows*
Niece, "touch your eyebrows"
Me, *doesn't move*
Niece, "you are out"

Am I out?

"Fair enough" is the most versatile phrase in the human language.

I am trying to recreate someone else's auth... it is a pain in the butt. The only thing worse would be trying to do it on my own.

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Uh Oh, I drew too much relation between two neighboring posts and commented on them again.

I think cell phones should have a camera pointing out of the top. That way I can stare at my phone and walk around without having to look up from my phone.

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