"Actually, it's only Agile if it comes from the Agile region of France. Otherwise it's just [bad] Project Management with fancy names for meetings."
-- @nickfarr
😂 👍

im tired of being discriminated against for being handsome and charming

'To the ladies looking for a sexual cephalopod I say, "what's kraken?"'

@apow if you speak a word against the circle or its cousin the hexagon, you’re in for a world of hurt, buster

Hello, fediverse! Thought I'd make my #introductions. I'm a software developer in the inland northwest US. Last year I co-founded the Seattle Developers Cooperative with three other members to provide web development for clients and to support open source projects that empower individuals and communities. #cooperative #pnw #seattle #webdevelopment

I just wanna put it out there that the word for “being polite on mastodon” should be fediquette

Is your smartphone more powerful than the Apollo guidance computer?
What were the first words spoken on the Moon?
Why did Buzz Aldrin photograph his bootprint?

More questions answered in our #ThrowbackThursday #Apollo50th FAQ at: go.nasa.gov/2WG4KBe .

I learn from my mistakes (which is everything I do)

I maintain that Capn. Crunch is more of a dinner cereal. Don't @ me.

Yesterday we held our first information session for Orca Books Coop. (orcabooks.com). One of the community supporters offered her first edition, signed Ursula Le Guinn novel (i forget which one) for a fundraiser auction. wow! #coop #buylocal #orcabooks

Orca Books has information on how to join and they sell on-line. You don't have to live in Olympia WA. (orcabooks.com). There are three non-worker options (basic: US$100, Low income US$25-US$99, Organization: US$200). Organizational members need to be part of the social economy and will eventually be able to "curate" and "brand" a shelf in the store (i.e. "social.coop" might have a shelf on platform co-ops and the social digital economy). #coop #buylocal #notAmazon #notB&N

A nice reminder:

Don't Confuse Impact With Intention | The Art of Manliness

Someone says something (or doesn’t). You get a text (or don’t). And something in the message (or lack thereof) makes you feel bad/sad/angry/snubbed. Very often we then make the perilous leap described by the authors of Difficult Conversations: “We assume intentions from the impact on us.” That is, we judge the intent behind someone’s action …


A Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, much like your favorite food or building co-op, and is owned by the members; there are no “shareholders”. Any profits made are returned to the members through low rates on loans, competitive rates on savings, and as few fees as possible.

Sex was invented in 1782 by John Sex, who mistakenly fell upon his wife while bathing and was subsequently excommunicated by the Catholic Church

What do you use as your daily driver?
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