Wenn man jetzt genug Plakate von unten nachschiebt, sodass die Nazis oben rausfallen, ist das dann ein Stack Overflow?🤔

I just start to play TESO and i first thought what a bullshit Antialiasing and textures!!
Now i run it with Downsampling (instead WQHD now 5120×2880 pixels) and it looks so much better😲😲.
Downsampling rocks:D

Well now i know why i never will play the Dark Souls game series.
I died several times in the final fight against the boss enemy in the story game which i play since weeks and one so hard enemy is enough for an entire game!

Teil 2 meiner @fdroidorg Serie ist jetzt auch auf Deutsch online: "F-Droid für fortgeschrittene Anwender und für Entwickler"


I just finish The Evil Within 2 and i love it. Wonderfull creepy monster and very emotional story.
Now i need some time to come down.

And the best: no online shit or microtransactions. Thx Bethesda😃!

It’s Friday, sexy bitches.

Do something expressly and totally for you today. And then do it again.

Älter, aber noch immer anschaulich: Die unsichtbare Tracking-Infrastruktur: labs.rs/en/invisible-infrastru

Leider sind die meisten Internetnutzer unfreiwillig »Versuchskaninchen« in einem digitalen Echtzeitlabor zur Verhaltensmessung. 😩

pros of linux:
- type la -Ra / to look like a hacker
- super tux cart
- get to feel like you're better than everyone

cons of linux:
- doesn't have windows defender
- richard stallman hires a hitman to kill you if you install non-free software
- crashes if you try to use the CPU cache as a boot disk

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