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There was a large country music "festival" at a local park this weekend. I'm not really a country music fan, but I like live music, so it i wasn't really a big deal.

One thing I notice is how very white it all was... and I kind of really uncomfortable with the gathering of all the white folks. As a white guy, i felt the lack of diversity.

One reason I ♥️ 'Old Town Road' - the world needs more diversity.

Apparently whether you wash your legs while you shower is an actual debate that exists on the internet. How have I never heard of this?

@ifixcoinops - whelp I did about as good as I expected I might. I played 3 games and lost 3 games. It was a 3 strikes tournament... last place in a group got a strike. Most of the folks were cool. If I'm free the next time, I'll probably go. Might also head out and spend $5/week between now and then to learn the machines better.

According to Bad Ass Beard Care - an Outlaw smells just like carrot cake. Now I will crave cake all day long, not like that's new, but now I smell like it.

@ifixcoinops I signed up for a Pinball tournament tonight. Just something to do. I hadn't played pinball other then randomly dropping a few coins every once in a while... but no more than one game in a row. Watching some videos of the tables we're playing tonight. Any basic tips?

Re-reading through Powershell in a Month of lunches in prep for picking up Powershell toolmaking...

In response to someone sneezing... (as I deconstruct my beliefs) God Bless you and bless you seem oddly religious. In googling what to say instead.. Gesundheit seems appropriate, but it brought up a larger questions. Why do we acknowledge someones sneeze with a response? When was the last time you responded to someones belch, fart, gurgle with someone that was simply saying... I noticed you did that.

Trying to decide to accept the term atheist for my current belief system. Trying not to be frustrated at all of the folks that used to be encouraging to me.

My 14 yo son asked me yesterday if I would mind if he dated someone of a different race. My response to him was of course not, is there anything that I've done that would lead you to believe this would be a problem for me? It kind of broke my heart that he felt that he needed to even ask. I feel like I may have failed when it comes to teaching acceptance.

tfw when you accidentally cut down a fruit tree sapling that you literally just planted. yod dammit!

If you don't hear from me .... send help to Landfall farm in Stardew Valley. I may have gotten lost in the mines.

I know what a red herring is for, but what about a blue herring?

wordplay innuendo 

I like my women like I like my cell phones, a little scuffed on the outside, but just pull the protective layer away.... pristine.

wordplay innuendo 

I like my women like I like my cell phone, I have lots of incentive to switch, but I'm used to this one. :D

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