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@brownpau last time I was at the library, this was all the kids were doing. Roblox is doing something right? Maybe it's just that you can access and play it via web browser, unlike Minecraft. My kids don't play Roblox any longer.

@ashfurrow last time I was in NYC with my family, we were walking to one of the theater workshops (forget the name) but had yet to figure out the subway and had decided to walk above ground. We were hungry and it started raining. I remember huddling under a scaffolding over the sidewalk and trying to decide whether to buy an umbrella or not. It's funny. I didn't notice any umbrella vendors before it started to rain.

@ashfurrow it's the energy of the umbrella vendors about to make bank!

I see a fb marketplace post right after it's posted. I comment immediately. First comment. I get a fb reminder that it's still available... so I message the lady. She had 2 items I wanted. She told me one was still available. I tell her I can come tonight and grab it, she says where? My reply is wherever. And her reply is sorry it's sold. WTF.

And I want to point it out, specifically to my sons and generate conversation.

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FWIW, I'm not doing this from a point of power, but of disgust and outrage.

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Is it wrong to verbally acknowledge my white privilege and point out the racial disparities that exist in the US? example, I'm crossing the street midblock without a crosswalk. My sons says, we shouldn't do this, it's jaywalking. My reply - you're right, but there's a good chance that we won't be ticketted for it because we're white. Isn't that awful?

Or... just purchased a car, it doesn't have plates, I don't feel like it's a big deal to drive it home because I'm white. If I were black, it'd be a problem.

I know that "i read that as...." is barely interesting, but... I read this as "These were built to hold groups of believers"

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@Galdrakinn my wife feels this obligation and it drives me nuts. Fuck that. If someone gives me a gift. I don't feel like it's necessary to reciprocate in any way... sorry if that was your expectation.

@brownpau I know. I watch my kids 'build-fight' and it's ridiculous.

@brownpau That's really interesting. I know it's definitely difficult.

I had a dream that I was at a restaurant and @sophia was working and I didn't have the balls to talk to her.

@AskChip This might work, but a benchmarking tool might do better.

@Galdrakinn I don't have this issue, but I can imagine that it may be more difficult in the summer, because the sun is up, it feels like you should be awake, while you just want to sleep. Even if it's 8:00..... while in the winter, the suns down at 6pm, you don't feel so bad about actually crawling into bed.

@annika I've never considered it before, but that makes me see how possible a pi-laptop might be.

@farhan, @InternetKevin There's nothing in particular wrong with my current job... which ultimately, will probably keep me here. Can I imagine paying $40k to take what ultimately would be a hobby or entry level position for someone half my age.... not really. But I'm hoping discussing it might help me think about considerations I hadn't already thought of.

Rephrasing as what is worth that $40k is helpful.

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