Daily cuppa... Every day in December this app, Ritual.co is giving me a free cup of coffee from Einstein Bagels. They serve Caribou Coffee. I hate sbux for making them disappear.

@hexheck went to an improv meeting tonight and got this.... Thought I'd share and maybe you can pass it on as a suggestion to your group.

@soapdog today is mccafe coffee with 1 cream, 1 splenda.

I don't normally like artificial sweetener, but somehow splenda enhances coffee unlike any other sweetener.

So at our show 2 weeks ago we had both the enquirer and these guys....
Cinci Refined, decided that I was "cover" worthy.


This is a perspective I hadn't considered... it makes me sick.

All this cereal talk has me remembering fruit and fibre and how they had those dehydrated fruit bits in it. mastodon.technology/media/IvHw

@ashfurrow First time on my desktop client since Friday. I notice notifications and refreshing timeline. Good jorb! mastodon.technology/media/dkEf

this week's match is off and running. the captains had to go into the audience to choose their doppelganger.

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