marvel champions lcg, she-hulk, comic books 

More #MarvelChampionsLCG diaries: Won a fun session playing She-Hulk aggression against expert Rhino!

Flipping between She-Hulk and Jennifer Walters is rewarding and necessary―she needs to be in alter-ego to thwart efficiently, but she's rewarded for becoming She-Hulk with a free two damage on flip.

Comic-wise, the oft-recommended She-Hulk run by Dan Slott adds so much dimensionality and really made me a fan!


marvel champions lcg, she-hulk, comic books 

@tabletopglory I haven't played a ton, but what I do know is that I've lost more often than I've won. I haven't kept track of stats like hero/aspect like some seem to be.

All that being said, why is Jennifer Walters Green?

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re: marvel champions lcg, she-hulk, comic books 

@Tuxhedoh Ha! Your question led me do a little research, and the sliver I've found (Sensational She-Hulk #4) is that sometimes, She-Hulk doesn't represent a transformation away from Jennifer Walters—she is simply green, strong, She-Hulk and sometimes gets called by her birth name based on context.

The Slott-authored series did things differently for sure, but I'm not certain that Slott started it...

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