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Theophilus Floyd, M.Sc. @Theophilus

I'm unsure of what to make of this web site called "Hatereon". It appears to be a for and groups. ( it seems that "The Daily Stormer" makes use of it to collect donations.

Started by Cody Wilson no less, who I saw people heaping praise on here a week or two ago

@tomas I understand the premise of providing a service that is not censored. I'm not unsympathetic to the ideal.

@theophilus @tomas It's stupid for things that are not natural monopolies though. Which Patreon-style stuff really really isn't.
@tomas @theophilus This is in addition to branding the site and intentionally appealing not to everyone, but to _fucking nazis_.

@tomas I didn't realize that was his actual intent... That's pretty disgusting. I guess I know how I feel now... And they were hailing him here???

@tomas hadn't even considered the 'h' similarity to a sideways 's' from the SS until now. I'm not blonde, I swear.

@Theophilus They really can't pretend that their cause isn't all about the hatred now can they?

@Theophilus Seems like a great tool for the FBI to "follow the money" for when hate crimes are committed.

@neekz0r I don't know... The FBI can't seem to keep their own house in order right now, and they don't seem to care to do anything that doesn't cost millions...

@Theophilus how does one not know what to make of a website that supports and promotes hate groups?

@DialMforMara in all fairness, I hadn't realised that was the point... It wasn't until the logo was pointed ought that I realized I had been stupid.