Thunderbird 114 "Supernova" roadmap: the large projects planned for the 2023 release of Thunderbird.

RFC 822, the basis for email as we know it, is 40 years old.

Now imagine a world where Microsoft would adhere to it and it's successors.

Shared via web: The Founder of GeoCities on What Killed the 'Old' Internet

"...GeoCities was not about self-promotion. It was about sharing your interest and your knowledge."

"Jerry Sadowitz Edinburgh fringe standup show axed due to complaints"

Sadowitz is probably one of the most offensive comedians around. He's the enemy of bland.

There's no such thing as a new idea:

"For thre may kepe a counsel, if twain be awaie." - Geoffrey Chaucer

"Two may keep counsel when the third's away." - William Shakespeare

"Three may keep a Secret, if two of them are dead." - Benjamin Franklin

Mr Big in February 2009 when he was about five weeks old. The third and last of the three kittens. Still the alpha male thug today.

No, Shopify, I won’t install your phone app to track my delivery unless it magically gets it to me more quickly. GFY

Fark. is shutting down and redirecting to soon. That is not good news.

$111 to ship a $550 notebook from UK to Aus. Seems reasonable 😢

Douglas Adams Hyperland: Here Douglas Adams discusses the then ground-breaking concepts which just 20 years later we take for granted. [1990]

#registry #identitytheft

" #Amazon requires information from you when setting up a registry.
A wedding registry requires 1st and last names of both partners, the wedding date, the number of guests attending, and a mailing address. The default share setting is to make the registry searchable not only on Amzn but also via the third-party wedding planning website The Knot.
...when creating a baby registry, it asks for a first and last name, expected due date, whether the baby is the parents’ first child, and a mailing address...default visibility setting is also set to public and to appear on pregnancy and parenting sites The Bump, What to Expect, & Baby Center.
you could (even without an Amzn account) with just a name or further specifying a date and location. registries show the names of both partners, the event location, and the event date. Baby registries return either the name of upcoming baby or the names of parents, their city and state, expected due date
the fields can be modified using developer tools functionalites available in browsers (Chrome, Firefox, aso) A cursory search with modifi date fields brought up wedding registries dating as far 2004..."

Scary shit for the people using it.
But, hey, they got nothing to hide, ain't it ?

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