Oops, I forgot to visit Mastodon for a couple of months. If only I had some kind of device to remind me.

Oh good, Teddit is back. I'd forgotten how bad Reddit is in comparison.

I'm mightily impressed by measuring in the current Olympics. The run up in the long jump is accurate to a millimetre. No more judges staring at the plasticine.

We are truly in the era of social media athletics. Many have an Instagram-friendly routine when they enter the stadium. It's as crass as music and flame machines at a cricket match.

If you want to bet on the results of a running race always put your cash on people who come from countries with lions. Evolution works.

Why is dismantling a notebook so much harder than mantling one?

👨‍💻 New post: How to remove client-side JavaScript from Gatsby - Ricard Torres Code ➡️ ricard.dev/how-to-remove-clien

What's the definition of prescience? This from 1999: "We're at the beginning of an industry, and this could all turn into television again. It could be controlled by a small number of companies who decide what we see and hear." - Jamie Zawinski

Dusty Hill:

"Even if I were to retire, I wouldn't shave. Everyone I know, including my wife, has never seen me without it."

Another one bites the dust :(

We should dump the fluffy, so-called sports from the Olympics and take it back to its military roots in ancient Greece. Out with glof, ballbase and boreminton, in with drone strikes on weddings.

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