Being able to vape in the office is nice. Helps with "help i broke it" phone calls.

Man, today is already dragging on. I hate gloomy grey days like this.

When your bored enough at work that your building your own theme

Welp time to try and function on 1hr of sleep and no doze like candy

As my ways of communicating grow and change, I find myself needing talk and text less and less. Most of my chatting goes through or

I refuse to believe that there is a diminishing return on monitor count

Had the cafe I had breakfast at today offer to "keep my card on file" for "faster checkouts" ..........riggghhhttttt

Glad to see this instance is back up. It went down and I was forced to find a different way to waste time at work.

Got up and running so now i can access all my stuff with one keyboard/mouse. Ive used this in the past but its always nice to have everything in one place.

So i dont really come on here as much just due to a lack of interaction vs my account.

I just want to mention how nice it is to have my own . Shoutout to

Also please pray to the IT gods for me. This new company still uses Lotus...I mean IBM notes.

I for sure cannot open my at work due to its......*cough* adult nature

Probably just gona hang here and rant and spew my thoughts while I watch more of these HR training videos.

One good thing about finally having my own office is I can use a blue keyboard and not annoy ppl.

Having to sit through onboarding at my new job. Thier "cyber security" section is laughable.

Had to move another diy nas from over to freenas is just too unstable

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