Please consider writing your hashtags in upper camelcase so screen readers have a chance at figuring them out.

#whyistayonmastodon sounds like an giant undecipherable mess of sounds.

#WhyIStayOnMastodon reads out "Why I Stay On Mastodon" 😄

(Reason #44 I stay here: my previous requests like this have been generally well-received, proving that most people are awesome.)

I still maintain Wall-E is set in the same universe as Mad Max.

What? You thought the corporations selflessly evacuated EVERYONE from a dying Earth in Wall-E? Nope. Just the rich people, everyone who was left behind were in the Mad Max movies. 700 years later, Wall-E is set when the rich tubby people are still living in space, and earth is a wasteland.

Reached 400 Followers on Twitch tonight!!! Maybe not the biggest news, but I'm pretty happy about it as a small streamer 😁 Thank you guys SO MUCH!!!! May The Loaf be ever expanding! 🍞

Sometimes I’m tempted to title my bug reports to apple like clickbait.
“I opened the Settings app to change my wallpaper. What happened next nearly destroyed my phone.”

Five Eyes - US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand - want backdoor access to tech company user accounts and want to share that info between them. I'm not sure what to make of where this puts us. But I like that Tim Cook held them off long enough back in 2016 to avoid access. But will that continue in this new climate.

Had 30 minutes to kill on my way to work. Stopped at a small creek.

Spent 15 minutes to clean up all the small plastics and bottles that I could. I cant pick up the burnt out fridge :(

At least the water isn't too polluted. The algae and small minnows are nice :)

I'm working on a 30 year-old baseline that hasn't been touched in 10 years. The last version control system they used was RCS. It's literally "Revision Control System". I had to look it up. Then I had to learn it. The 80s were crazy y'all. Also, RSC is older than RotJ.

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