Just finished migrating my site to a much cleaner and simpler Write Freely platform, thanks to @write_as for the excellent product! I will easily be donating to the project very soon :) It's now up and running at

I'm not entirely certain if federation is working for it yet, but I have a few pinned pages to prep and whatnot first before I fiddle with that. If it is working, the settings page says the handle is ""

@TechZerker I also have a write freely account - one thing people do have troubel with is following - tell them to search for the handle from their own interface, and that'll cause their instance to discover yours. @write_as

@TechZerker Awesome! Looks great. By the way, we'd love to showcase this on, if you don't mind 🙂

Otherwise I did a quick check and it looks like the /.well-known/webfinger path isn't accessible (, which is probably causing the fediverse search issues.

cc @emsenn

@write_as @emsenn
Thanks! Permission granted to showcase it where you like. I’ll be doing a few more pinned posts soon and adding some content too it :)

I’ll poke around my Nginx config, as I’m doing reverse proxy. I know it has the .well-known section in it, but it’s likely the source.

@write_as @emsenn

That's definitely the cause...checked on the server where the www folder for the site was blank before I extracted the install, and there is definitely no .well-known/ directory at all, checked with ls -a.

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