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Don't mind me. I'm just here to fave and boost ur toots.

Web development is fucking nuts. How can anyone do this for a living without losing their marbles? I've spent 1.5 days now trying to change _1_ line of code in a wordpress theme but litereally every single framework and tool involved has had fundamental, breaking changes since I touched it last (2 years ago).

TFW your write a generative patch and you can't stop listening to it.. it can take hours...

I just got over my resistance to writing #SuperCollider classes and made my very first little helper class.

It posts all the control arguments of a given SynthDef and their default values to the post window and wraps it into a synth call, so I can quickly generate a "test tone" synth.

I might add methods that do the same for Pbinds and Pbindefs.

Inspiration came from this post by @madskjeldgaard:

EUPOL/ Kazakhstan 

nothing to see here, Just a nation entirely removing itself from the internet... I'm sure nothing bad is going on there at all.


Hey Kids, if old IT-Security farts like me complain about those silly new names for security vulnerabilities remind them of CVE-1999-0001 aka Teardrop/Land (and several other CVEs for similar vulnerabilities, yes just like today).

I bet there are even older examples...

FLOSS developer intentionally corrupts his libraries and has multiple depending applications print out garbage, stating that "I am no longer going to support Fortune 500s [...] with my free work."

#FLOSS #labor

If you're using zsh, is a real time saver in addition to zsh's already excellent completion system (Cc: @climagic )

Happy New Year. I'm not the kind of person that believes that the change of year has much to do with one's fate, but if the year alone started off by crashing a bunch of Exchange servers, it can't be all that bad.

Looks like I'm going to Münich for my next post-doc. If anyone has any Germany-related tips, lmk!

(boosts welcome)

#MidiControllerQuestion: I tried to get my #Arturia Keylab Essential to work with #Ardour today (for controlling the DAW, not just playing in notes and using MIDI Learn with the knobs and faders) and it's a pain. I figured out some settings that made at least some of the buttons do a thing, but it still doesn't react to all the things and I probably want mess with the settings in the configuration software a bit more. (1/2)

Since I had my gear running I could play a little along with it and I really appreciate how harmonically and melodically simple yet effective it is. Most of the effort seems to be in the very impressive arrangement. (And rhythmically it's not so simple...)

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I'm currently listening to Josep Trapanese's music (Shadow and Bone soundtrack, which is nicely ambient, earlier and now The Witcher Series 2 which has a lot more variation and is quite a bit edgier).

«The Business of Extracting Knowledge from Academic Publications
TL;DR: I worked on biomedical literature search, discovery and recommender web applications for many months and concluded that extracting, structuring or synthesizing "insights" from academic publications (papers) or building knowledge bases from a domain corpus of literature has negligible value in industry.
Close to nothing of what makes science actually work is published as text on the web »

Ok... I feel a bit stupid now but now I finally figured out that having jackd running and still having sound in my browser is possible with pulseaudio-module-jack.


.include /etc/pulse/

load-module module-jack-sink

load-module module-jack-source

... not including the hints on several websites, including the official jack and pulseaudio documentation.

"First, although many similarities can be found in the causes of language loss around the world, this does not mean that similar approaches to language revitalization can be taken. There are simply too many differences in the political, social, and economic situations facing, say, a community in northern China versus one in southern Africa to make blanket statements about how revitalization should be carried out. Second, an honest evaluation of most language revitalization efforts to date will show that they have failed. There have been enough success stories to warrant optimism about the possibilities of taking a moribund (or extinct) language and moving it to a more vital state, but this is atypical. Creating an orthography or producing a television program for children in a local language is a major accomplishment in its own right, but it will not revitalize a language. A longer-term, multifaceted program, one which requires a range of resources and much personal dedication, is needed. Third, government policies affecting language use in public (or even private) realms are one of the two most basic forces that hinder (or help) language revitalization, the other being the connection that people make between language use and economic well-being for their family. Finally, where successes do occur in language revitalization, they result, perhaps without exception, from the efforts of people who want to speak a local language, and want their friends and neighbors to as well. Even with the best of intentions, an outsider entering into an endangered language situation with the goal of ‘‘saving it’’ will fail. This is not to say that outsiders do not have something important to contribute, such as linguistic expertise, connections to funding sources, moral support, and so on. They do, and their contributions are often vital to a program. But, that said, it is the members of the community where the revitalization is going on who need to be highly invested in the outcome. They need to control decision making; they need to take ownership of the effort and construct the revitalization program which suits their ambitions, needs, and resources."

-- "Saving Languages"

Ich verschenke heute raspberry pies mit pihole drauf

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