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Don't mind me. I'm just here to fave and boost ur toots.

When I make a thread, I name him "Per", so I can say: "Hi, Per Thread!"

"Could we have 14:32 of your precious time? We'd like you to listen to some orchestral progressive death metal." First entry on my spotify discover playlist yesterday. It's fucking epic! <3

You don't "have something to hide" when you put blinds on your windows or close the door when you're on the toilet, or wear clothes. Privacy isn't about having something to hide, it's not about keeping secrets. It's about being able to choose what you reveal about yourself, and when, and to who, and the other word we have for that is "dignity". Your inherent dignity, as a human being. Privacy is the agency you have over your dignity.

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TIL about `git switch`.🤯

Ever did a bunch of changes in a codebase, only to realize that you're working on `master`?

`git switch -c <new_branch>`

Creates a new branch and brings you local changes over.

and again I was saved by amazing 'testdisk' tool to recover some lost video recordings on canon camera. this piece of software is incredible.

The Freesound database has a much more pleasing interface, still in beta, but very nice::

#freesound #freesamples #samples #cc

Play a G major chord "on guitar" using the 'play' command from the sox package.
play -n synth pl G2 pl B2 pl D3 pl G3 pl D4 pl G4 delay 0 .05 .1 .15 .2 .25 remix - fade 0 4 .1 norm -1

I made a smol sample pack with ambience sounds of Berlin trains.

License is CC0. Go have fun. Link me to whatever you make with it :) #fedishare #samples

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