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Don't mind me. I'm just here to fave and boost ur toots.

Asking fellow developers: If you arrange code for a fellow developer (or yourself in 2 years) to read so it's easy to scan, it's clear that you put definitions close to their usage, but that raises the question of:

I literally just wrote

"I think I'm on to something here, stay tuned for the next commit."

in a commit message (sadly not a public repo) as if some audience was reading my commits.

(This was after refactoring a test to add an additional case in the next commit ...)

As a metal fan, I approve of hostnames.

proof of waste algorithm 

"Bitcoin's increasing energy consumption has triggered a passionate debate about the sustainability of the digital currency. And yet, most studies have thus far ignored that Bitcoin miners cycle through a growing amount of short-lived hardware that could exacerbate the growth in global electronic waste. E-waste represents a growing threat to our environment, from toxic chemicals and heavy metals leaching into soils, to air and water pollutions caused by improper recycling.

• Bitcoin's annual e-waste generation adds up to 30.7 metric kilotons as of May 2021.

• This level is comparable to the small IT equipment waste produced by a country such as the Netherlands.

• On average #bitcoin generates 272 g of e-waste per transaction processed on the blockchain.

• Bitcoin could produce up to 64.4 metric kilotons of e-waste at peak Bitcoin price levels seen in early 2021.

• The soaring demand for mining hardware may disrupt global semiconductor supply chains. "

Do not buy NFT made with my art.
Do not make NFT with my Creative-Commons artworks.
If you respect my art, remember and apply this.

Here is my article about what just happened:

#NFT #NFTCommunity

"A hamster has been trading cryptocurrencies in a cage rigged to automatically buy and sell tokens since June - and it's currently outperforming the S&P 500"

🐹 :bitcoin:

This is funny on many levels.

Beim Einzug ins Haus haben wir den Fußboden neugemacht, und fanden unter dem Laminat.... Laminat. Yeah. Also dicke Dämmung druntergemacht (und das war ne echt doofe Idee).

Jetzt musste wegen angebohrter Stromleitung ne Fliese im Badezimmer von der Wand, und unter den Fliesen waren... richtig, genau das 😜

Reading that issue of The Hulk where @Gargron tries to capture him and harness his gamma ray strength to power the supercomputers of Mastodon:

Please don't come to Hawaii right now. We Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders are disproportionately getting sick & dying as our hospitals overflow, and gov is just building more morgues. Don't participate in ongoing genocide.

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Hi y'all, do you also make vacuuming noises when vacuuming your database?


Kommentierung erwünscht!

Das Common Security Advisory Framework (#CSAF ) steht als Committee Specification zur öffentlichen Kommentierung bis zum 12. September 2021 bereit:

Dieser #OASISopen Standard spezifiziert maschinenlesbare #Advisory und #VEX sowie deren Verteilung und das Finden der CSAF-Dateien. Zusammen mit #SBOM kann so das Schwachstellenmanagement in einer gesamten Lieferkette verbessert werden.

#IndustrialSecurity #BSI #DeutschlandDigitalSicherBSI

discussing racist language in the FOSS scene 

just so y'all are aware, "#rice" is based on a racist description of modified japanese cars as "rice burners" - prefer "mod" or "config" imo

Corona, Kinder, Kartenmaterial

Hier kann man sich die Inzidenzen nach Altersgruppen angucken.
Dortmund hat z.B. gerade eine Inzidenz von 455 in der Altersgruppe 5-14.

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