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Don't mind me. I'm just here to fave and boost ur toots.

"So much of the music we love - Jazz, House, Soul, Funk, Jungle, Techno - is music of the African diaspora, created in the context of political struggle. Too often the music is exploited and whitewashed for a mainstream audience. We all need these and future waves of afrofuturism to imagine brighter times. [...] All proceeds will go to Young Minds Together, a group of Black girls making music and dance in Rotherham UK, in need of your help to rebuild post-pandemic. "

I am working on a live coding system for visuals. The display server is based on openFrameworks using graphics acceleration. For live editing Clojure used. The server can mix generative code fragments with different inputs channels: a WEB cam, a microphone, movie files, image sequences, a joystick or Open Sound Control messages.

Some experimental videos can be found here.

For a Lisp sample see

Hello club: If I were, very hypothetically speaking, interested in putting stuff on peertube,which instance would you recommend?

#noisevember 10

the glassy tones and abrasive interruptions are the same voice parametrized differently. one having been recorded into a looper for playing over the other. the looper is decidedly lo-fi and adds it's own bit of mess.

cc @noisevember

#drone #noise #music #fediverseMusic #modular

if i have a /home directory but not a /work directory it seems clear to me that computers are not for work

fixed the code to this one. cleaned it, now it's usable to play through it... (see link in the toot above)


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Es gibt Linsensuppe und die Kinder halten es für pures Gift.

Die Frau sagt, dass man von Linsen ganz doll Pupsen muss.

Jetzt essen die Kinder begeistert.

Gute Argumente. So wichtig! ☝️😬

btw, I'm available for #musictheory lessons both in English and German on Jitsi, Skype or BigBlueButton (whatever works best for you).

My timezone is UTC +1.

German is my native language, so I'm more comfortable there, but I've been partnered with an American for close to 7 years, so I'm pretty confident in English, too. My existing teaching material is in German, though.

I've just had the urge to listen to some music while working and put on Polyental by @luka ( but as always that doesn't help with my concentration as good music tends to capture my attention :)

<3 d^_^b

Ikea has the most frustrating online shopping experience. The site will claim something is in stock up until the point where you enter your postal code in the checkout

Putting on "Periphery -- Live in London" while working was a bad idea. Brilliant, but I can't work like that! But I'm a lot happier now! :)

Guten Morgen Fediverse,

welche vernünftige externe #Webcam würdet ihr für das #Homeoffice unter #Linux vorschlagen. Für den potentiellen Unterricht von zuhause (als Lehrer)?


programmer + dad joke 

I always wonder what OAS is and why people HATE it so much! ;'-|

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