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Suddenly considering to use 'mistress' as the default branch in my git repositories

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It's really nice to know that basically everyone of us does 'Gradual Programming'.

Imposter syndrome is strong with this one! 😅

Clarification: I have been trying to learn Haskell for YEARS.

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I am finally making some S-L-O-W progress on learning Haskell, tackling those last three tough chapters in _Learn You A Haskell_.

Here is something I ran across a while ago listening to a podcast that others might find encouraging:

The title is: "You Are Learning Haskell Right Now (Or Anything You Want Really)"

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In 1950, Simon & Schuster published a new children’s book, "Dr. Dan the Bandage Man". Publisher Richard Simon decided to include a few bandages with each copy as a publicity gimmick. He wired a friend at Johnson & Johnson:


The friend wired back:


Hmm, so @wilw got/is getting ejected from an instance by . 60 complaints/day. I guess Mastodon needs a mechanism to deal with spurious complaints, maybe with a decaying-over-time threshold for complaint volume. So, somebody like this starts getting complaints, the site admin knows it's spurious, sets the "don't bother me about this guy for a while" flag. Is there an API for complaints (that would be problematic because griefers could flood the system with spurious complaints).

Hmm, just tried to read this on my phone and got the raw HTML. Sorry y'all.🙂

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Spent all afternoon writing up my exploration of a single compiler error involving one tiny subsection of /Learn You a Haskell/ (Ch. 11, the section on newtype). It's crap. 🙂 But, wow, what you have to know to have any sort of competence in Haskell. It's like a sweater with a loose thread. You pull it and the whole thing comes unravelled.

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Amazon astroturfing • Pays people to tweet positive, corporate-friendly messages about how great it is to work as a human robot in an Amazon warehouse #linkblog

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Anybody here tried using Flutter to make mobile apps? Curious to hear from actual devs who've used it. :yay:

Gah, newtype is kicking my butt (as with all things Haskell).

newtype State s a b = State { runState :: s -> (a,b) }
deriving (Show)

tells me I haven't derived Show properly.

I'll figure it out, I guess, but 1.5 martinis into the evening is not the time. :)


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Yes "some" do. Differing local timelines for different interests/needs. Trying to follow federated timeline is difficult. Some apps allow multiple. Mastalab is one of them.

Grumpy about the overuse of CW. I don't want to have to do Yet More UI Gestures to read; I just want to scroll or nextnext and let toots go past my eyeball. Then if there's an interesting link, I'll stir myself to [reach for the mouse and] target the link and click/tap it. Why is the "I've got a seeecret :)" button helpful?


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React Devs laughing at my verbose Java class as they make a component file, action file, reducer file and global static constant to set a variable.

Meanwhile, I cry in the corner with my setter, that I've hidden with a Lombok annotation

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You may not think of yourself as racist, but you can't just claim you aren't. What you can do is work hard every day to not enforce that system of oppression and do everything you can to help those oppressed by it to work against it and be more empowered.
If someone who is affected by racism tells you youre being racist then LSTEN them rather than clutching your pearls and getting offended because you're "Not Racist™️", you'll grow as a person and not be adding to the problem. 2/2

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This is a deeply moving article from Star Wars' Kelly Marie Tran about coming back from the lies of racism and sexism. What a person.

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