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Well, finding a 2cm long beetle in the bedroom was unexpected.

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I wonder if there's a native VM tool for Mac OS on ARM, I'd like to run some Linux for some stuff...

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Starting a new job today (Senior Software Developer at Amazon Web Services)... I hate the period where you're drowning in new information, people, processes, etc. and have no idea what you're doing. 's Art in the Park was lots of fun, although we had to miss most of the jazz band due to needing to eat... Todd's Dogs suffered a catastrophic equipment failure just before dinner time.

We even bought an art and found an artist to make a woodcut print (!) of our house, which should be pretty cool.

Looking at Linux distros again... a distro chooser pointed out EndeavourOS, which might be interesting, as I wanted to try out KDE Plasma. Otherwise it's probably Mint again.

Also looking at alternatives, since they don't have a Linux client.

I should probably do something productive like play instead.

Why am I so bad at fighting Titan? Literally every time I'm pushed off the damn platform.

I've solo'd him unsync'd all the way up to Extreme, but I've been stuck on Hard for two days now. 💢

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Hey @Tusky is there a way to add another server's public feed to the Local tab, or a separate tab? I probably belong on this server but I'm interested in a GameDev server as well...

OH SHI~ if they're sending me a replacement laptop, I'm going to lose all my stickers.

ADATA has concluded that my laptop is indeed broken, and will be sending me a new one after transferring my second drive to the new chassis. Yay, I get to start fresh and/or restore from backups.

Urge to run Linux (maybe with KDE this time) on my laptop rising.

I don't have a reason, probably just neophilia.

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I just gave my Windows PIN to ADATA's US support team so they can troubleshoot/repair my laptop.

Massive security fail, this goes against all my infosec leanings. The other option would be a factory reset... I chose Accessibility over Confidentiality or Integrity.

I have no reason not to trust their techs, but I also have no reason to trust them. Hopefully they treat their employees well.

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Just so nobody misses this who might like it.

Roland Corp has released for free all sound libs for their recently discontinued VST rompler "Concerto".

I'd never heard of Concerto before, but the "anthology" libraries are just instant nostalgia—so many 80's and 90's #synth patches!

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